Grade 3 – Mrs. Hentges

In the 3rd grade room we are busy learning all we can. In math we started unit 4 and so far have learned about fractions, customary units of length and telling time. With fractions we learned about numerators and denominators. We also learned how to compare fractions with only like denominators and in the reverse with fractions with only like numerators. The more we work with them we feel pretty comfortable but also feel like they can easily confuse us. In reading we are continuing to work with folktales, myths and fables for just a bit longer. In grammar we are focusing on common and proper nouns. In science we are learning about various adaptations that animals and plants make to survive. Currently in social studies we finished up learning about life in Canada and moved on to life in Mexico (we think it is nice to talk and learn about warm weather while we have freezing weather!).

January Dates:

15: Mass 8:45 (3rd grade)
20: No School (Teacher work day)
22: 2 Hour late start
24: Bonanza 3rd and 4th
26: CSW Kick off Mass @ 9
Family Fun Night @ 3-6
27-31: CSW
Monday: Class Color Day (3rd Blue)
Tuesday: Twin Day
Wednesday: SMS Gear
Thursday: Career Day
Friday: Sports Day