To use St. Mary’s School access to the internet, I agree to follow the following rules:

  • I will not give anyone my name, address, telephone number, parent’s work address/telephone number or the name and location of my school without a supervisor’s permission.
  • I will not give anyone the names, address, telephone numbers of friends.
  • I will tell the supervisor right away if I come across any information, pictures, etc. that are against school rules/guidelines.
  • I will not get together with anyone I have met while using the Internet unless I have my parents/supervisors permission.
  • I will not send anyone my picture or anything else without my parents/supervisors permission.
  • I will not threaten anyone or use improper language.
  • If I get a message with threats or improper language, I will tell the supervisor and/or my parents right a way.
  • I will follow school rules about how long I can be online, when I can be online and the areas I can visit.
  • I will not download any programs or pictures without permission from a teacher.
  • I will not use any form of computer communication (webmail, msn messenger, email, etc.) unless it is for a special assignment or unless overseen by a teacher.


As the parent/legal guardian of the minor student agreeing to the above, I grant permission for my son/daughter to access the Internet.  I understand that individuals and families may be held liable for violations.  I understand that some materials on the Internet may be objectionable, but I accept responsibility for guidance on Internet use—setting and conveying standards for my daughter/son to follow when selecting, sharing or exploring information and media.

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