BEGIN Policy 8.0

Policy 8.0


When families are ready to register and prior to the child’s first day of attendance at BEGIN PROGRAM the following enrollment, health and safety information must be on file at the center.


Enrollment information needed before your child starts at the center: In addition to the enrollment information, families will:
·         Enrollment form

·         Contract for Care

·         Developmental and Family Background

·         Immunization record

·         Medication, Photo, and Field Authorization

·         Enrollment form for School Food Program

·         Federal School Lunch Program Application

·         Meet their child’s teacher

·         Before school begins, a Health Care Summary form needs to be completed by your child’s health care source and turned into the school. This also needs to be updated at least annually.


It is essential that you keep BEGIN PROGRAM up to date whenever there is a change in:

  • home or work phone numbers
  • address
  • medical information including new immunizations
  • persons authorized to pick up your child
  • attendance schedule


St. Mary’s School Begin Program reserves the right to dismiss any parent or child at any time with or without cause.


Continued enrollment is contingent upon the parent’s, emergency contact persons’ and child’s adherence to the policies and procedures of as outlined in this handbook including, but not limited to, timely payment of all fees and tuition.


Parents are required to notify us immediately, should any of the information collected at the time of enrollment or any time thereafter change. Failure to do so may result in the child(ren) being dis-enrolled from the program and forfeiture of any deposit.


If a parent does not designate a medical and dental source then the following will be used for medical and dental emergency contacts. For medical emergencies we utilize City of Morris and Stevens County (Fire and Medical): 911 and for dental emergencies we utilize Dental Emergency (Dr. Hauger):  (320) 589-4481


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