BEGIN Program – Policy 1.0

Policy 1.0



St. Mary’s School Begin Program (BEGIN PROGRAM) has prepared this Handbook to provide the staff with information about our policies, rules, and present benefits. Please set aside some time to become familiar with this Handbook. It will be very helpful in answering many questions that arise. The Begin Program recognizes, however, that no Handbook can answer every question. If the staff does not find an answer to a particular question in this Handbook, or if the staff would like a particular policy or procedure clarified, please feel free to ask the Principal. The Principal will be glad to help the staff answer every question.


The policies and practices discussed in this manual are subject to change without prior notice.  Staff will be notified of any changes in written form.  Any decisions as to the interpretation or application of these policies by the Principal will be final and binding. These policies will be reviewed by the Principal and the School Board annually.  The Principal reserves the right to make changes, additions or deletions to this handbook as necessary.



St. Mary’s School Begin Program staff will strive to provide the Highest Quality Childcare and Educational Service that promotes and enhances each child’s development; while assuring the parent’s peace of mind in the care and services render.


This means staff provides a safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate program which fosters active learning, support for the whole child, and a child friendly environment.

  • We foster innovation.
  • We embrace team work.
  • We strive for excellence.
  • We respect and support families.
  • We commit to service at all levels.
  • We respect and appreciate diversity.
  • We actively listen and seek to understand.
  • We communicate openly and productively.
  • We use resources creatively and responsibly.
  • We abide by the NAEYC Code of Ethics and Statement of Commitment.



St. Mary’s School Begin Program (BEGIN PROGRAM) exists to enhance the emotional, social, physical, intellectual, and language development of children and to help gain confidence and self-esteem while learning to function in a group setting.  BEGIN PROGRAM staff believes children learn through a structured environment as well as through play.


The St. Mary’s School Begin Program provides both group and individualized care, which stimulates growth through a balance of self-directed and guided activities.  St. Mary’s School Begin Program uses a in-house created curriculum. Using this curriculum each child has the opportunity for individual development and exploration offered in environments that stimulate creativity and problem solving.  This means that a Preschool Program is built into every day.  Children enrolled receive quality preschool services as well as nurturing and loving care all in one setting.


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