Safety Policies


501  SMOKE FREE ENVIRONMENT                                                                            


Educational facilities and other designated areas of St. Mary’s School are to be smoke free.

(Also in personnel handbook)


March 9, 2004

March 14, 2006





No person is to use, sell, dispense or possess nonprescription drugs and must not be under the influence of nonprescription drugs or alcohol while educational programs are in session.


March 9, 2004

March 14, 2006





All youth events of St. Mary’s School are to be chemically free.



  1. Parents/guardians are to be notified immediately of the violation of policy and are responsible for the student’s transportation home.
  2. Administrators are to initiate a follow-up discussion with the family after the incident.



March 9, 2004

March 14, 2006





Possession of a weapon by a student or adult other than a safety officer in educational and parish faith formation facilities or other designated areas is prohibited.




“Possession” refers to having a weapon on one’s person or in educational areas.  “Weapon” means any firearm, whether loaded or unloaded, any device or instrument designed as a weapon or through its use capable of threatening or producing great bodily harm or death, or any device or instrument that is used to threaten or cause bodily harm or death.  Examples of weapons are:  guns (including pellet guns, BB guns, look-alike guns, and non-functioning guns that could be used to threaten others), knives, clubs, metal knuckles, num-chucks, throwing stars, explosives, stun guns, ammunition, or any type of bomb or explosive device.


March 9, 2004

March 14, 2006

February 12, 2008


505  FIRST AID AND ACCIDENTS                                                                                           


St. Mary’s School is to establish procedures for first aid and accident reporting.




  1. The public school nurse is to be the resource person for this area.
  2. Designated personnel are to be responsible for first aid.
  3. An accident report is to be completed and filed within 24 hours after the accident.

Sample forms follow this policy.


March 9, 2004

March 14, 2006

February 12, 2008




Name:  _______________________________          Time of Accident: _____AM    _____PM


Name of School:  ______________________           Date of Accident:  __________________


Sex:  ____Female        ____Male                                School personnel present:  ___yes  ___no


Age:    ________        Grade: __________

Reported by:   __________    Date:  ________         Days absent due to injury:  ___________


Signature:        _____________________________________


NATURE OF INJURY:                              PART OF BODY INJURED

___      Abrasion/Bruise                                  ___      Abdomen        ___      Jaw

___      Amputation                                         ___      Ankle              ___      Knee

___      Asphyxiation                                       ___      Arm, Lower    ___      Leg, Lower

___      Bite                                                     ___      Back                ___      Mouth, Lips,

___      Burns/Scalds                                       ___      Ear                              Tongue

___      Conussion                                           ___      Chest/ribs        ___      Neck,Throat

___      Cuts/Lacerations                                 ___      Elbow              ___      Nose

___      Dislocation                                          ___      Eye                  ___      Shoulder/Collarbone

___      Drowning                                            ___      Face                 ___      Scalp, Skull, Brain

___      Electrical Shock                                  ___      Fingers/Thumb

___      Foreign body                                       ___      Foot                 ___      Teeth

___      Fracture                                               ___      Hand               ___      Hips

___      Poisoning                                            ___      Toes                 ___      Wrist

___      Puncture                                              ___      Multiple Internal Organs

___      Sprain/Strain

___      Internal Injuries

___      Multiple Injuries

___      Other



___      Athletic Field                                      ___      Auditorium

___      Cafeteria                                             ___      Classroom, general

___      Biology                                               ___      Chemistry

___      Physics                                                ___      General Science

___      Homemaking                                       ___      Driver Education

___      Corridor                                              ___      Driveway

___      Driving Range                                     ___      Farm

___      Gymnasium                                         ___      Home

___      Indus. Place                                        ___      Body of water

___      Lockers                                               ___      Parking Area

___      Playground                                          ___      Public Building

___      Restrooms                                           ___      Auto Shop

___      Handicraft Shop                                 ___      Industrial Shop

___      Metal Shop                                          ___      Woodwork Shop

___      Shower/Locker Rooms                       ___      Sidewalk

___      Stairs                                                   ___      Street/highway

___      Swimming Pool                                   ___      Yard/field



___      Death

___      Permanent disability

___      Lost time from school

___      No lost time form school



___      Animal

___      Body Reaction (such as fainting)

___      Caught in, under, or between

___      Contact with electrical current

___      Contact with caustic, toxic, noxious substance

___      Contact with temperature extremes

___      Contact with cutting or piercing instrument

___      Fall from elevation

___      fall from same level

___      Rubbed or abraded

___      Struck against

___      Struck by











St. Mary’s School is to follow the regulations contained in the Minnesota School Immunization Law, Minnesota Statutes 1996, Section 123.70 and the guidelines of the local school district #2769 in developing guidelines for immunizations for enrolled learners.


Failure to comply to these guidelines will result in expulsion from school until guidelines have been met.


November 9, 2004

April 11, 2006

February 12, 2008




St. Mary’s School has the obligation to protect the educational rights of all students and to require that all students attend school regularly to ensure continuity of the educational process.  The school also has an obligation to provide a healthy environment for all students and employees.


Procedures for inclusion and exclusion of students and employees with communicable diseases from school will consider the educational and health implications for the student and others with whom he/she comes in contact.  The school will adopt the most current guidelines established by the Minnesota Department of Health with which the Minnesota Department of Education concurs.


Educational decisions regarding a student with a serious communicable disease and his/her school placement and program will be made on an individual basis by a team consisting of the school nurse, school administrator, parent, student’s physician, and the appropriate faculty member.  Knowledge that a student has a communicable disease, but does not pose a risk to other students or staff, will be confined to those persons with a direct need to know.


I.          Data Privacy


The school protects the privacy rights of learners of all ages.  Therefore, knowledge that a student has a communicable disease, but does not pose a risk to other students or the educational staff in the school setting, such as being infected with the AIDS virus, will be confined to those persons with a direct need to know (e.g., superintendent, principal, school nurse, primary teacher for elementary students.  Disclosure of infection with the AIDS virus must come from the student’s parent or guardian or in the case of an employee, from the employee himself.


II.        Hygiene Practices


Good hygiene practices will become a part of daily classroom routine.


Disposable gloves should be worn when cleaning up blood or other body fluids.  These

gloves will be available in each school at the nurse’s office or custodial service area.


Soiled surfaces will be promptly cleaned with a disinfectant such as household bleach

(diluted 1 ounce of chlorine bleach to 1 gallon of water).


Disposable towels should be used and mops will be rinsed in the disinfectant.


Those who are cleaning should avoid exposure of open skin lesions to blood or other

body  fluids.


Approved:       November, 1998

Approved:       January, 2004

Approved:       April, 2006

Approved:       May, 2008


508  MEDICATIONS                                                                                                                      


St. Mary’s School recognizes that, at times, learners will need to take medications during scheduled class times in order to benefit from their educational experience.  School personnel, under the guidance of a supervising nurse and the guidelines for medication administration set by the local school district #2769, will facilitate in administering medications only when parents/ guardians provide proper written authorization.




  1. Only a licensed nurse, or designated person may administer medication to a student unless the parent/guardian comes to administer the medication.
  2. Medication is to be administered only according to the written order of a physician.
  3. Over the counter medications will require parent authorization only.
  4. The medication to be administered is to be brought by parents/guardians in a container appropriately labeled by the pharmacy or physician.
  5. Medications that are not taken orally or that have some dangerous side effects are to be administered by a licensed nurse or by a staff the nurse or parent/guardian trained to administer the medication.
  6. All medications are to be kept in a locked central location
  7. School must contact a licensed nurse, possibly the public school nurse, to assist in the training of personnel and monitoring of medication administration.  This person will be referred to as the supervising nurse.
  8. Follow Rules for Administering Medications (see Procedure#508A).


Adopted January 2004

Revised, approved May 8, 2007

Approved:  June 10, 2008



508 A  Procedure for Administering Medication                                                                          




  1. Only prescription medications may be administered at school program and those only if there is NO alternative.
  2. Parents shall complete and return the “Parent/Guardian Request for School Personnel to administering Prescription Medication” form.
  3. Students requiring medications shall be identified by parents/guardians and physicians.
  4. The designated personnel will attempt to administer the medication as directed by the label or other official information.
  5. It is imperative that the supervising nurse be notified each time the request for medication administration is returned to the school.
  6. Labels are to be read three times before medications are given.  The proper student’s identification shall be verified prior to administering medication.

7.         Disposable spoons are to be used for liquid medicine.

8.         Pills are to be shaken into cap—do not touch medication

9.         The student will be observed to insure ingestion of the prescription medication.

10.       The parent/guardian will be called immediately if the permission and labeling are not

adequate so that the parent/guardian understands why the medication is not being given.

11.       An adjustment in dosage is never to be made or suggested without specific direction from

the supervising nurse.

12.       The supervising nurse is responsible to review medications and train personnel           administering medications.  All personnel administering medications will read and understand the policy, implementations, and rules for administering medication and review them with the supervising nurse.

13.       In emergencies, such as shock caused by insect or bee stings, trained personnel may give A pre-measured injection from the Epi-Pen, using doctor and parent/guardian medication authorization.

14.       In the case of a hypoglycemic emergency of a diabetic individual, glucagon, or a similar product, may be injected by trained personnel using doctor and parent/guardian medication authorization.

15.       A record of all medication administered under this policy shall be entered in a logbook maintained in each individual school or faith formation program.  The entry will include name, date, time, name and dosage of medication, and signature of person administering the medication (#508 B)


Approved:  January, 2004

Approved:  May 8, 2007

Approved:  June 10, 2008


















St. Mary’s School is to follow local fire and building codes.  Contact the local building inspector for local fire department for the codes.


March 9, 2004

March, 2008


510  EMERGENCY PLAN                                                                                                


St. Mary’s School is to develop and make known an Emergency Plan, which will serve as a guide for employees, volunteers, students, and parents.  The Emergency Plan should address, but not be limited to the following emergency situations:


  1. Fire
  2. Severe Weather
  3. Bomb Threat





  1. The administrators are to consult with state and local fire and disaster officials in developing an emergency plan so as to comply with their directives.
  2. The plan is to be made known to all students, parents, program volunteers and employees.
  3. The emergency plans and routes are to be printed and posted in each room.
  4. Instruction is to be given on plan implementation and regular drills for school students and personnel ought to be conducted and recorded throughout the year.
  5. An adequate warning system is to be identified and maintained.


February, 2005

April, 2008


511  SEXUAL HARASSMENT                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Assumption Parish, St. Mary’s School and Assumption Faith Formation Program will not condone any form of harassment.




Harassment includes but is not limited to:


  • Verbal conduct such as epithets, derogatory comments, slurs or unwanted sexual advances, invitations or comments;
  • Visual conduct such as derogatory posters, photography, cartoons, drawings or gestures;
  • Physical conduct such as assault, unwanted touching, blocking normal movement or interfering with a person because of sex, race, or any other protected basis;
  • Threats and demand to submit to sexual requests in order to keep a job or avoid some other loss, and offers of job benefits in return for sexual favors; and/or
  • Retaliation for having reported or threatened to report harassment




Any person who believes he or she has been the victim of sexual harassment by a student or employee of the parish or any third person with knowledge or belief of conduct which may constitute sexual harassment should report the alleged acts immediately.


  1. Student Reports:


Any student who believes he or she has been the victim of sexual harassment or has knowledge or belief of conduct which may constitute sexual harassment should report the alleged acts to a teacher, counselor, the principal, the director of religious formation, youth minister, pastor, or a human rights officer.  The report may be verbal or in writing.  (A sample report form is provided.)  The use of a formal reporting form is not required.  Any person to whom alleged sexual harassment is reported shall notify the program administrator.  If the complaint involves a program administrator, immediately notify

the St. Cloud Diocese.  All reports shall be kept on file.  Verbal reports shall be put into written form within twenty-four hours.


  1. Employee Reports:


Any employee who believes he or she has been the victim of sexual harassment or has knowledge or belief of conduct which may constitute sexual harassment should report the alleged acts to the program administrator.  If the alleged act involves the program administrator, the report should be made to the St. Cloud Diocese.  The report may be verbal or written, but the program administrator shall put the report into written form within twenty-four hours of receiving the report.


  1. Confidentiality:


The parish/school will respect the confidentiality of the complainant and the individual(s) against whom the complaint is filed as much as possible, consistent with the church or school’’ legal obligations and the necessity to investigate allegations of sexual harassment and take disciplinary action when the conduct has occurred.


Investigation and Recommendation


Upon receipt of a report or complaint alleging sexual harassment, the proper authority shall immediately authorize an investigation.  This investigation is to be conducted by the parish, school, or other party designated by the legal entity.  The investigator shall provide a written report of the status of the investigation within ten working days to the program administrator.


In determining whether the alleged conduct constitutes sexual harassment, the parish/school is to consider the surrounding circumstances, the nature of the sexual advance, relationships between the parties involved and the context in which the alleged incident s occurred.  Whether a particular action or incident constitutes sexual harassment requires a determination based on all facts and surrounding circumstances.


The investigation may consist of personal interviews with the complainant, the individual(s) against whom the complaint is filed, and others who may have knowledge of the alleged incident(s) or circumstances giving rise to the complaint.  The investigation may also consist of any other methods and documents deemed pertinent by the investigator.


The parish/school may take immediate steps, at its discretion, to protect the complainant, students, and employees pending completion of an investigation of alleged sexual harassment.



Assumption Board of Education

Adopted February, 2005

Approved April, 200



NAME:                       ___________________________________________


HOME ADDRESS:   _____________________________________________________


WORK ADDRESS:   _____________________________________________________


HOME PHONE:        _____________________      WORK PHONE:  ______________


DATE OF ALLEGED INCIDENT(S):  _______________________________________





LIST OF WITNESSES PRESENT:  __________________________________________



WHERE DID THE INCIDENT(S) OCCUR?  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


DESCRIBE THE INCIDENT(S) AS CLEARLY AS POSSIBLE:  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


This complaint is filed based on my honest belief that _____________________has harassed me.  I hereby certify that the information I have provided in this complaint is true, correct, and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.


Signature:  _______________________________    Date:  _________________________


Received by:  ____________________________     Date:  _______________________


Adopted February 2005

Approved April, 2008



512  VISITOR CHECK IN             


All visitors must check in at the office, sign in and sign out of log books and wear identification

while inside school premises.


Approved:     May 8, 2007



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