Everything that a child encounters in his/her school day from the minute the student enters the school building until he/she leaves to go home is considered the curriculum. This includes classroom experiences, lunchroom, gym, recess, prayer, as well as any other activity that occurs during the school day. Whatever a child encounters in school is part of the curriculum.

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St. Mary’s School is fully accredited through Minnesota Nonpublic School Accrediting Association (MNSAA), the largest accrediting association for nonpublic schools in the State of Minnesota, accrediting over 170 K-12 schools.

MNSAA serves a significant number of Catholic schools throughout the State of Minnesota, yet also supports a mix of faith-based and independent nonpublic schools.

Goal of Accreditation

Accreditation of our school through MNSAA helps to guide and ensure that we as a school community are:

  • Establishing high standards of quality and excellence for the learning process
  • Pursuing continuous improvement within our school community;
  • Participating in an extensive self-evaluation and visionary strategic plan for improvement for our school every seven years.

MNSAA seeks to assist member schools in developing and maintaining the highest possible educational standards that promote student growth and school improvement. MNSAA assists member schools in preserving vital freedoms which enable them to practice their various philosophies of education and to thrive in a pluralistic society.