Report Card Scales

St. Mary’s School uses the following grading scales for our students.

Academic Scale:

Used in grades 4-6

Min % GPA Notes Passing
A+ 100 4.1 High Honors Yes
A 94 4 Honors Yes
B 86 3 Yes
C 77 2 Yes
D 70 1 Yes
U 0 0 Failure No

Academic Codes:

Used in grades 1-3

Points Notes
A 4 Advanced
S 3 Satisfactory
P 2 Progressing
B 1 Basic
N 0 Needs Improvement

Skill Codes:

Used in grades 1-6

Code Notes
+ Satisfactory
P Progressing
Improvement Needed

Used only in PreK and KindergartenEarly Childhood Scale:

Code Notes
S Secure
D Developing
B Beginning
X Not Assessed/Introduced
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