St. Mary's School will start 2 hours late on Feb 21.

 Our Ski trip is postponed to Friday March 15th 2019.

Report Card Scales

St. Mary’s School uses the following grading scales for our students.

Academic Scale:

Used in grades 4-6

Min % GPA Notes Passing
A+ 100 4.1 High Honors Yes
A 94 4 Honors Yes
B 86 3 Yes
C 77 2 Yes
D 70 1 Yes
U 0 0 Failure No

Academic Codes:

Used in grades 1-3

Points Notes
A 4 Advanced
S 3 Satisfactory
P 2 Progressing
B 1 Basic
N 0 Needs Improvement

Skill Codes:

Used in grades 1-6

Code Notes
+ Satisfactory
P Progressing
Improvement Needed

Used only in PreK and KindergartenEarly Childhood Scale:

Code Notes
S Secure
D Developing
B Beginning
X Not Assessed/Introduced
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