After-School Swim in Chokio

Join the 3rd Annual Chokio-Alberta

After  School Swim Club

Open for Grades 3-8 (swim level 4 and above)*

M-Th  Oct 21 – Nov 14 

Session 1: 3:30p-4:30p   Session 2: 4:30p-5:30p

15 sessions with certified swim instructors and a former high school swim competitor.

Students will work on competitive swim strokes, conditioning, and fun in the water.  They will gain confidence in the water and increase their physical activity while engaging in a life-long sport.  *Students must have passed level 3 swim instruction and be comfortable in the deep water as we will be swimming the full length of the pool. Contact Rachel Schott at 320-324-3120 or Kayla Morrill at 320-324-3109 if you have questions about your child’s swim level.

A light snack will be provided after school each day for each of the groups.   Students from area schools must arrange transportation to and from the Chokio-Alberta Pool.

Cost: $75 payable to the Chokio Pool       

Return completed form and payment by Wednesday, October 16

to the Chokio Alberta School

Space is limited for each session.

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