Grade 2 – Mrs. Riedner

2020-2021 School year

The second graders finished reading Mercy Watson Fights Crime for our Book Club. We learned about adjectives and compound words during this unit. We also made a story map of the book once we finished reading it. In Science, we are learning about the solar system. We learned that the planets move in an orbit around the sun. In Math, we finished our word problem unit. We can solve problems by drawing a picture, writing an equation or by drawing comparison bars. Everyone enjoyed playing in the snow on their day off on Thursday due to the snow storm.

This week the second graders began a Unit on maps for Social Studies class. We are learning that there are different kinds of maps. Thematic maps, physical maps and political maps all show different features that help us know more about a location. We are also learning that maps have a map key, a compass rose, and a map scale to help us better understand the map we are reading. In Math we began solving 2 step word problems. They are a bit challenging but everyone is doing well with them. For Fire Prevention week we have been watching videos created by some of the Morris Fire Department members and we created an entry for their poster contest. We also watched the Homecoming parade on Friday.

This week in Math we learned how to use comparison bars to solve word problems. We also did some mixed practice with other types of word problems that we studied earlier. In Reading we are working with Spelling words with th or wh. We are also practicing choosing the correct end marks for sentences. We are using a period, question mark or exclamation mark. We completed our first Science unit on weather and we are looking forward to starting Social Studies this next week. In Religion, we have been talking about the parts of the Bible. We learned the old Testament is about the time before Jesus. It teaches us about God. We also learned that the New Testament is about the life of Jesus.

In our Weather unit for Science this week, we have been studying temperature. We measured the morning and afternoon temperatures of a cup with air, water and soil to find out which one the sun heated the most. Our results showed the soil heated up 12 degrees, the water heated up 5 degrees and the air heated up 8 degrees. Some of us were surprised that the air didn’t heat up more quickly than the soil. In Math we learned about even and odd numbers and we learned to use doubles to help solve problems quickly. In Reading we are continuing to work on long vowel sounds. We will have our first Spelling test next week with words that have ai, oa, ee, and ea. We were happy to attend our first Mass this week with Father Todd.

You could feel the excitement in the air at St. Mary’s this week.  The students and staff were all back together again after 6 months.  The second graders were busy reviewing Math mountains and the make a ten strategy to practice our addition facts.  We have also been reviewing short and long vowels and reacquainting ourselves with our friends the Superkids by reading stories about them.  In Science we began a unit on weather by learning about different types of clouds.  It was great to be back in school!

2019-2020 School year

3/6/2020  This week in Math we have been working with measurement of time. We learned to read an analog clock to the nearest 5 minutes and to represent that time as a digital clock. We also worked with calendars to tell how many months in a year, how many days in a year, how many weeks in a month and how many days in a week. We are wrapping up our book club books on Monday. we have enjoyed reading The First Case or Stink in our book club groups.  For our plant project we found out that plants grow best getting the right amount of water. Our plant that did not receive any water became very droopy and the plant with too much water appeared to have leaves that were folding up a bit. We have had fun dressing up for Read Across America and have enjoyed listening to several Dr. Suess books in honor of his birthday March 2nd.

2/28/2020  This week we wrapped up our big Math unit on solving word problems. Even though it was challenging for us, everyone is doing much better at reading the problems and looking for
clues that help us to solve the problems. In reading class we are enjoying reading our book club books in our groups. We are also using adjectives to describe nouns in our writing. This week we attended Mass for Ash Wednesday and had our first Stations of the Cross on Friday.

2/21/2020  This week we have been reviewing different types of word problems and solving problems of each type. We learned to spell words with the schwa sound this week in reading class. The schwa sound is when an a, e, or o sounds like the short u sound. We also read about different colors in our Super magazine. The color brown told us a story about Hershey chocolate and how it is made in Hershey Pennsylvania. For the color white we read about igloos and how they are made and used in the Arctic. For Science we are beginning a plant unit. We will be studying what plants need, how they grow and plant life cycles. Thank you to all the parents that helped in any way with the staff appreciation lunch. It was fabulous!

2/14/2020  This week the 2nd graders wrapped up our unit on animals by learning about fossils and the clues they leave for scientists about past life on Earth. We also read about our Superkid friends’ Gus and Gert and their pet dog Golly. We learned that Gus and Gert were retiring and moving into an apartment that does not allow pets. The Superkids (and our class) were sad to find out that Gus and Gert needed to find a new home for Golly. They realized that if a stranger were to adopt Golly, maybe no one would see Golly anymore. The Superkids were trying to find Golly a home with someone they know so they can still see their favorite pet once in a while. We have fun giving and receiving Valentines on Friday.

2/6/2020  The second graders have been learning to recognize the cursive letters in Handwriting class. We have also begun to learn the cursive basic strokes in our preparation for learning to write the cursive letters. In Science class this week we have been learning about animal life cycles. We read about the life cycles of frogs, butterflies and polar bears, and we compared their life cycles to identify the similarities and differences. In Math we have begun to solve 2 digit addition or subtraction word problems.

1/24/2020  The second graders are working to master 2 digit subtraction with or without ungrouping. We have also switched to subtraction facts for Xtra Math. In Reading class we read a play written by one of our reader’s Superkids. His play was about the importance of trees and the gifts they give us. We also spelled words with igh, augh and ough. We are excited for Catholic Schools Week and we are looking forward to participating in the Sunday Mass at Assumption and our Family Fun night at the Bowling Alley Sunday afternoon.

1/17/2020  This week we ended our Technology unit in Science class by building bridges and testing their strength like an engineer would do. We build 3 different bridges, and we found out the last bridge which had the most support held the most weight. In Math we began a unit on 2 digit subtraction. We learned several methods to subtract and regroup as needed. We will continue learning more about these processes next week. We enjoyed reading about monarch butterfly migration and bikes of yesterday and today in our Super magazine. The theme of this magazine is Go! Go! Go! WE ended our week with our first e-learning day on Friday due to weather.

1/10/2020  This week, we finished a Science unit on technology. We learned that engineers use a process to design new technology to meet human needs. We also learned that technology affects our everyday life and it affects the environment around us. In Math this week, we explored counting quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies as well as adding dollars to those coins. We began learning to decode and spell words with kn or wr and to read and understand the meaning of words that use the prefixes re and un in reading class.

12/13/2019 The second graders have been having fun measuring length in Math class. We are using the metric system to measure in centimeters and in meters. We have also been estimating the length and then measuring to see how close we get. It was a busy week going to skating for PE class at the Lee Community Center, and wrapping up our Advent project. With the donations we received from the second graders and their families, we were able to donate 4 complete Christmas dinner boxes to help families that might not be able to have a Christmas dinner. We also made Nativity crafts with Brody’s Mom this week.

12/06/2019  The second graders are learning to measure line segments and shapes with a centimeter ruler. We also found the perimeter of the shapes we measured. We are making Native American dioramas depicting what different regions life was like long ago. This week we also participated in an Advent prayer service and St. Nicholas visited our classroom!

11/22/23 We have had lots of fun completing our swimming lessons this week. In Math we worked on counting money using dollars, dimes, and pennies and adding 2 digit money amounts. We have also been learning about the Native American cultures of people from 5 different regions of the U. S. We compared how the land of each region affected the lives of the people living there. In Reading, we completed writing an informative report after taking notes on a nonfiction article about an animal. We are looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with our families and counting our many blessings.

10/31/2019  We had fun with our pumpkin investigations this week. In small groups we predicted how tall our pumpkin was, how many seeds it had in it, and if it could sink or float. The most surprising result for each group was how many seeds there were in each pumpkin. The number of seeds ranged between 260 and 580.
Once our seed were dried, we grouped them by tens and counted how many we had. In Reading, we read a nonfiction article in our Super magazine about unusual traits of insects. We read about the leaf bug that looks like a leaf, the bombardier beetle that can spray boiling hot poison when it’s scared to name a couple. We had a great time dressing in our costumes and parading around our school block.

10/11/2019  This week we went to the Post Office and mailed our letters. We also had a little impromtu tour of the back rooms and we got to see where they sort the mail. In Social Studies we began a unit on maps. We will continue to learn about different types of maps and the purpose of a map key and a compass rose. In Reading this week we began our small group book clubs. We are enjoying reading our fiction stories and completing activities that go along with the them. We wrapped up our week by celebrating Grandparents Day. Many grandparents joined us for Mass, lunch and our music program and reception. We had a great time!

10/4/2019  The second graders visited SWELL this week. We enjoyed learning about Autumn and doing fun activities with Ranger Randee. In Science we have been learning about the steps to a scientific investigation. Those steps include observing, making a hypothesis, testing and recording results and drawing conclusions. We will use these steps as we preform investigations in the future. Thursday was bring your bible to school day. We read passages from the Gospel of Mark and learned a little about finding these passages on our own. In Religion class we discussed two 2 main parts of the bible, the old testament and the new testament.

9/27/2020 The second graders enjoyed going to Bonanza Education Center this week. We did a pollination activity to help us understand how plants are pollunated. We also looked for signs of Fall on our hike and played a camoflauge game. We learned a bit about glaciers, and made rivers in the sand showing how the melting glaciers flowed to lower levels. We also enjoyed playing with the new parachute. It was a great day! In Math we have been working with solving comparison word problems by drawing comparison bars. We also are continuing to work on learning our addition basic facts. Friday we dressed in orange and black, had our faces painted and got to watch the Homecoming parade.

9/20/2019  This week we finished up our reading reviews and began our first book in Superkids. We also started reading our first Super magazine. The theme is: What’s New? We read articles about new ice cream flavors such as cactus, chocolate garlic, lobster and bacon and eggs. Do any of these sound good to you? We also read about Japanese farmers that grow square watermelon by placing the baby melons in glass boxes; and about skateboarding terms that skateboarders use such as tweak, bail, and slam. We found out that most skateboarders like to personalize their board by painting designs on them. We picked our favorite design out of 32 that were pictured in our magazine. In Math we are continuing to work with addition facts and to solve word problems using drawings and equations. We are looking forward to going to Bonanza next week.

9/13/2019     The second graders finished up our bus safety this week. We also got to practice jumping out of the back of the bus in case of emergency. We also continued learning more about bees. We completed a bee booklet with facts about bees and we talked about the bee life cycle. In Math we are focusing on the count on strategy, the make a ten strategy, counting by twos and odd and even numbers. We have also been doing xtra Math to practice our addition facts. We are reviewing long vowels in reading and are enjoying reading about the Superkids adventures. Did you know the Super kids look older than they did last year? They have grown up just like we have.

9/6/2019    Our first week of second grade is now complete! We have enjoyed getting back together with our friends and getting to know what second grade will be like. We listened to several beginning of the school year books read by Mrs. Riedner including one of her favorites, First Day Jitters. We have a bee theme this year and we are using this theme to describe the Ways to Bee in school as well as learning about bees and their life cycle. We started with a fun team building activity called Saving Fred. (a gummie worm ) Reading about our Superkids friends and getting started with some Math facts have also been a part of our school day.