Grade 2 – Mrs. Riedner

2019-2020 School year

9/20/2019  This week we finished up our reading reviews and began our first book in Superkids. We also started reading our first Super magazine. The theme is: What’s New? We read articles about new ice cream flavors such as cactus, chocolate garlic, lobster and bacon and eggs. Do any of these sound good to you? We also read about Japanese farmers that grow square watermelon by placing the baby melons in glass boxes; and about skateboarding terms that skateboarders use such as tweak, bail, and slam. We found out that most skateboarders like to personalize their board by painting designs on them. We picked our favorite design out of 32 that were pictured in our magazine. In Math we are continuing to work with addition facts and to solve word problems using drawings and equations. We are looking forward to going to Bonanza next week.

9/13/2019     The second graders finished up our bus safety this week. We also got to practice jumping out of the back of the bus in case of emergency. We also continued learning more about bees. We completed a bee booklet with facts about bees and we talked about the bee life cycle. In Math we are focusing on the count on strategy, the make a ten strategy, counting by twos and odd and even numbers. We have also been doing xtra Math to practice our addition facts. We are reviewing long vowels in reading and are enjoying reading about the Superkids adventures. Did you know the Super kids look older than they did last year? They have grown up just like we have.

9/6/2019    Our first week of second grade is now complete! We have enjoyed getting back together with our friends and getting to know what second grade will be like. We listened to several beginning of the school year books read by Mrs. Riedner including one of her favorites, First Day Jitters. We have a bee theme this year and we are using this theme to describe the Ways to Bee in school as well as learning about bees and their life cycle. We started with a fun team building activity called Saving Fred. (a gummie worm ) Reading about our Superkids friends and getting started with some Math facts have also been a part of our school day.