Grade 2 – Mrs. Riedner

The second graders learned about lines of symmetry in Math class theis week. We also finished our intro. to fractions. We have enjoyed reading about the Superkids this year in reading class. They are just like us in so many ways, that they seem almost real to us. In Science, we learned how the Earth rotates to cause day and night every 24 hours, and that the Earth rotates all the way around the sun in a years time. We had a fun trip to the Amaze’n Farmyard this week and enjoyed the animals, the slides and the huge maze. We are looking forward lots of summer fun!!

The second graders finished their Book Club book Tornado this week. Many of us predicted correctly how the book would end. It was a great story about a dog and doghouse that were blown into a families yard during a tornado. Even though the families roof was blown off of the kitchen, the dog survived the storm. As time went on and the family had not discovered the owner, they became attached to the dog they had named Tornado. We have just finished learning about severe weather in Science class, so this story was especially interesting. We enjoyed particpating in our Spring concert and singing songs about trains. We are excited for the last week of school too!

The second graders have been learning about arrays in Math class. We have used arrays to solve problems and to begin our understanding of multiplication. We have also been writing nonfiction reports about an animal in Africa. Learning to read information and take notes on our animal were some of the beginning steps to being able to find facts that we can use when we write oour report.  Last week we had a wonderful time at Bonanza learning about rocks and spending the day in nature.  The second graders are looking forward to making their First Holy Communion this weekend. May God bless them on this special day.

The second graders have been learning to add three digit numbers and to make proff drawings to check our work. We are loving when the total is one thousand or more! In Science we finished a unit on environments for living things. We learned how plants and animals need one another, and how living things adapt to their environment. We also learned how environments change over time. Fires and earthquakes can cause fast changes, while other changes occur over time like when a beaver builds a dam or a Kudzu plant grow and spreads over other vegetation. People also cause changes by polluting areas or cutting down trees. We enjoyed getting to see the fifth grade wax musuem characters and learn a little about these famous people.

The second graders have been learning about place value to 1,000 this week.
Each day we pick a starting number and we take turns counting up at least 100
more numbers. We have also been separating 3 digit numbers into hundreds, tens, and ones or comparing the numbers using greater than, less than or equal to. We have enjoyed reading informational text in our Super magazine. Reading about the life of a kid in the White House was very interesting. Even though their life is much like ours, we found out body guards are with them in school, their food is made by chefs, and that if they are waiting for their parent to come home after work, they might arrive in a helicopter!

We enjoyed a few full days together this week! We have been learning to tell
time on an anolog clock to the nearest 5 minutes. We have also been working on understanding a.m. and p.m. to determine the part of the day we are talking about. In Reading class we have read stories about color in our Super magazine. One article was about eating the rainbow by picking fruits and vegtables of every color to have a healthy diet. We also read another article called’ “Animal Rainbow”. We read about brightly colored animals that use color to camoflauge themselves on brightly colored flowers like the Rainbow Lorikeet, or animals like the chameleon that turn from blue to red when they are angry. With the help of Monica Kleindl, we worked on our auction project. We each helped with painting part of the projects we are working on. We have also enjoyed getting outside to play in the snow since the weather is warmer.

Our crazy weather continues this week. We did enjoy our dress up days for our rescheduled Catholic Schools Week. We completed and tested on our subtraction unit in Math. We also finished Unit 8 in reading and took our midyear test. Hopefully next week we will get a little more school time .

This week a highlight of our week was going to the Stevens County Historical Musuem. Cam Erickson and Gene told us about Native Americans in Stevens County. Gene shared with us many of his artifacts and told us how they were used in daily life. Jerry Landwehr also shared his train exhibit with us and explained the important role trains had in daily life years ago. Another highlight for us was completing our swimming lessons this week. On Friday we had a fun day and even got to try log rolling in the pool. We also have been learning about animal life cycles in Science class. We learned that frogs and butterflies go through a process called metamorphosis.

The 2nd graders have been measuring length this week in Math class. We are having fun measuring classroom items and even our own height in both centimeters and inches. We have also learned about measuring in meters, feet and yards.
In Reading we are finishing writing a nonfiction report about an animal. We read an informational article and then took notes on what we read. To finish up we wrote our report from the notes we had taken. We are also enjoying swimming lessons this week.

This week in Math, the second graders have been exploring and drawing shapes.  We have focused on squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, pentagons, hexagons and quadrilaterals. We have also been measuring line segments and the distance around shapes. We are even testing out our skills at estimating before measuring to see how accurate we are. In Reading we are enjoying reading our Book Club books and have been learning about the “bossy r”. To end our Social Studies unit on Native Americans, we are working in groups to create shoe box  dioramas of one of the Native American the regions in United States that we have studied.

The second graders have had fun reading our nonfiction Super Magazine this week. The theme of this magazine is “It’s Tricky”. We have read articles about a berry called miracle berry that tricks your tongue. After eating one everything you eat after that will taste sweet, even grapefruit. We also read an article about magician tricks and how they work. Now we won’t be so easily fooled! In Math class, we have been counting dimes, nickels and pennies. We have also learned to use a dollar sign and decimal point when writing money amounts. We had fun doing our pumpkin investigation this week. We predicted the height and diameter of our pumpkin, how many seeds it had and whether it would sink or float. Some of our results surprised us!

In Math class we have been learning to add 2 digit numbers using several methods. They have used the All Totals method and the New Groups below method. We also practiced using the traditional New Groups Above method.
We have been learning to make nouns plural using s or es in Reading class.
We also read a magazine article about Whooping Cranes and how scientists saved them from extinction. In Social Studies we began a unit on Native Americans. So far we read about the Native American tribes of the Southeast.
We have had a fun week participating in our money wars fundraiser to assist a SMS family with medical expenses. We had great Math lessons on counting money.

The second graders have been learning about place value this week.
We can draw hundreds, tens and ones to represent 3 digit numbers.
We have also been counting to 200. In Reading, we have been working on words that end with le or ng. We have also enjoyed reading our book club books in groups. In Social Studies we are learning to read a political, physical or thematic map. We are also learning to use the compass rose and map key
on maps. We had a great time Friday celebrating our Grandparents!

This week the second graders were busy writing a letter to a special person.
Once they finished their letter we put them in an envelope and walked to the Post Office and mailed them. We hope the recipent is as excited to get a letter from us, as we were to mail one to them. We are finishing up our word problem study in Math class. We even wrote our own word problems to match equations given to us on our Math paper. In Reading we finished our word study of words with wh and th. We moved on to working with words that end in le or ng.  We also began reading our first Book Club book in small groups. We discussed the qualities of a fiction book as we read them.

This week we continued solving word problems in Math. We focused on using comparison bars to help us solve them. We also practiced solving word problems with too little or too much information. We are also practicing the addition facts each day. In Reading we have especially enjoyed reading from our Super magazine. We have read informational texts about skateboarding,
crazy critters, square watermelon, wacky words, and unusual ice cream flavors such as cactus ice cream and bacon and eggs ice cream. On Friday we celebrated Homecoming by wearing orange and black, having our faces painted and by watching the Homecoming parade. Go Tigers!

This week we had our first Spelling test of the year. We also have been solving word problems in Math using drawings to help us solve them. In Reading this week we read an informational text about the Amazon Rainforest. On Thursday we went to Bonanza Learning Center along with the first grade class. We learned how water pollution and run off affect the fish that live in that water.  We also went on a nature walk through the woods to observe signs of animals and to find acorns. Later we opened the acorns to find a worm living inside.  It was fun to spend our day outside even though it was a bit rainy.

In Science class we are learning about the life of a scientist. We found out that they use inquiry skills to observe, to plan an investigation and to predict outcomes. We also read about some of the tools a scientist might use such as a thermometer, a measuring cup , a ruler or measuring tape, a balance, or a scale.  Next we will be learning about how a scientist carries out an investigation. In Math class we have been learning about even and odd numbers and using doubles or doubles +1 to help us with our addition facts. We also wrote a paragraph with a topic sentence about something we did this summer for writing class.

Our first week together is coming to an end. It has been incredible! (our theme for the year is based on the Incredibles 2 movie.) We have been working on
getting to know our new classmate and learning about our schedule/routine for our day. An earlier lunchtime this year helps us to have full class periods throughout the day, instead of having a small amount of time after PE. like last year. The 2nd graders are working on fact families with numbers to ten in Math. We are using math mountains to help us with our fact families and to solve story problems. In Reading, we have a new curriculum called SuperKids. We are enjoying getting to know some of the characters in the program, and we are reviewing short and long vowels sounds and consonant sounds.


End of 2017-2018 school year

We have been learning to write many of the uppercase cursive letters in Handwriting. We are excited to be able to write our names in cursive. In Math we have been learning about congruent shapes and flips, slides and turns. We read stories about super storms and the destruction they can cause. The storms we read about include thunderstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes. We also talked about safety when there is a weather warning or when we are outside and it is lightning and thundering. Our school music concert was a great success and we enjoyed learning the new songs and singing them for the performance.

We have had a fun and busy week after making our First Communion on Sunday. In reading class we read stories and poems about conservation and taking care of planet Earth. We read about using recycled plastic to make things we use instead of havingthe plastics pile up in a landfill. We went to Heritage Day and learning about life long ago. We attended classes on quilt making, fur trading, wheat weaving, folk music, spinning wheels or one room shcool houses.  We also toured through the village and enjoyed learning from the costumed guides in each room. We also got to go to Clinton to enjoy the Aladin performance put on by the high school students and directed by Mr. Ferriero.

In Math this week we finished our unit on dividing shapes into halves, thirds and fourths; and on solving length story problems. In Reading class we read a story about the life cycle of a spadefoot toad. We also learned how to identify the author’s purpose for wrting a story. The author’s purpose may be to entertain, to inform or to persuade us. In Science we studied the weather. We talked about different kinds of clouds and what type of weather they signal. We also discussed being safe in all kinds of weather. To end our lessons, we walked outside and looked at the weather station on the top of the NW corner of the school and then at the monitor on the top floor that displays the current weather information at St. Mary’s.

This week the second graders began working with halves, thirds and fourths in Math class. We made arrays and we folded shapes to show these amounts.
In reading this week we read stories about the life cycles of a frog and a butterfly. We also practiced spelling words with the consonant-le pattern.
We have had a busy week with swimming lessons and going to the UMM play called Step on the Crack.

This week we read stories about plants and what they need to survive.  We also learned to use context clues to help us find the meaning of words we do not know.  We practiced looking for the clues to the word meanings by reading the next sentence or two. In Science we read about changes to our environment. These changes may be caused by nature, animals or even people.  We have enjoyed preparing and practicing for our reenactment of the Stations of the Cross. By participating in acting out the Way of the Cross, we have gained a better understanding of Jesus’ last days on Earth.

The second graders learned to check their 3 digit addition or subtraction by using the opposite operation this week. We practiced adding and then subtracting to check our work. We also practiced subtracting and checked our work by adding. In Reading we worked with distinguishing between fantasy and reality. We read fantasy stories and determined what made them fantasy instead of reality stories. We also completed our classroom book and it is ready to go off to the publisher on Monday.

We enjoyed reading and learning about plants and animals this week in Science and Reading class. We learned that plants and animals need each other to survive, and that they have adaptations that help them survive in their environment. We read a nonfiction book about a young harbor seal that was beached and how it was rescued and brought to a sea mammal center. Scientists at the center nursed in back to good health and then released it back to the sea once it was old enough to survive on its own. We read another story and learned facts about bald eagles. It was fun to watch the MN DNR eagle cam to see a pair of nesting bald eagles with three eggs. For Dr. Suess’ birthday on Friday, we got to listen to some books he wrote and we worked on finishing the classroom book that we are writing. It is almost ready to send off to the publisher.

This week we began creating our stories for our class Student Treasures book.  We each wrote a story about finding and naming a planet in outer space. Our imaginations were definitely at work and I heard giggles while they wrote. In Math class we worked with adding 3 digit numbers. We can add using the All Totals method, the New Totals above of Below method, and we can draw a proof drawing to find the total. In Social Studies we completed a unit on Colonial American and the influence immigrants from long ago and today have on our culture. We created a My Culture poster to end the unit.

We are learning about place value to 1,000 in Math class. We can draw 3 digit numbers, count 3 digit numbers by ones or by tens, and add hundreds, tens or ones to 3 digit numbers. In reading class we read a nonfiction story about the workers in the Emergency Room. We learned about the jobs of the admissions worker, the nurse, the orderly or nurse aid, and the doctor. We had fun celebrating Valentine’s Day and we enjoyed our student principal for the day on Friday. Mr. Cole Pederson let us read with reading buddies, have a kickball tournament and watch the movie Wonder.

The second graders finished learning about plants and their basic needs. We also learned how a plant grows from a seed. In Math we completed our unit on graphing. We spent this week answering one step and two step problems using a bar graph. We enjoyed making Valentine trees and bags for Valentine’s Day.

We are having a fun week celebrating Catholic Schools Week. We are getting to eat our favorite lunches, and we got to go skiing and bowling. We also enjoyed playing Bingo with the D.A.C. In second grade we are playing checkers with our classmates. In addition to all this fun we are learning to solve Math problems using a bar graph. We also are practicing Spelling words with the ou or ow sounds. In Reading we are learning about cause and effect. We also compared two similar stories using the characters, the location of the story and the story plot.

This week we read an autobiography written by author Pam Munoz Ryan.  She shared about her life growing up and how many experiences in her early years lead to becoming an author. We also learned about her writing process and how Pam’s memories help her to create stories. We wrote our own autobiography in our journals. Our memories and families were an important part of our autobiography. In Math class we are learning to create and use picture and bar graphs. We are also continuing to review clock time. In Science, we are learning about plants and their basic needs. We are looking forward to the kickoff Mass for Catholic Schools Week on Sunday and all the fun activities we have planned.

The second graders are learning to tell time on an analog or digital clock. We are also learning the difference between am and pm. We’ve practiced determining am and pm with our daily routines. In Reading we are learning about cause and effect. We have practiced using cause and effect with several stories that we have read. We have been thankful for the warmer weather so we can play outside and get some exercise.

We are back in school and establishing our routine again after Christmas break.  In Math we have been using the add up method to solve word problems with 2 or 3 digits. We are learning about animal groups such as mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects; and their characteristics in Science class. We talked about their body coverings, type of birth, and where the animal lives. In Handwriting, we are finishing up our study of manuscript letters. We will begin to identify and write cursive letters next week. We have been counting the days to cursive writing. We are excited!


We have enjoyed practicing and performing for our Christmas program this week. We have also enjoyed making Christmas gifts for our parents. In addition to all our fun, we have been learning to solve 2 digit addition and subtraction story problems in Math class and we have been reading AR books and taking tests on them in reading class. We are looking forward to celebrating Christmas with our friends and family. Have a Merry Christmas everyone!


We have had a fun and busy week! We have been practicing for our Christmas concert next week. On Tuesday, we got to go to the Holiday Train in Glenwood. We enjoyed seeing the train and the musicians that sang Christmas songs to us. We also went to the movie THE STAR as part of our Advent preparation for Christmas. We also learned to ungroup while subtracting a 2 digit number from a 3 digit number. We also read a nonfiction story about the Statue of Liberty.


We had a great time at the Stevens County Museum learning about Native Americans from Stevens county. Kate read us stories from journals and showed us several artifacts as she explained about the early settlers and their first contacts with the Native Americans here. We also enjoyed making a paper birch bowl with beads. We also wrote a letter to our parents telling them about our trip to the museum. In Math this week we are learning to identify and count quarters and dollars. We practiced counting by 25’s to 975.

We have enjoyed learning about Native American groups from the Southeast Woodlands and the Northeast Woodlands this week. We found out that the land and resources they had greatly affected their life. Learning some facts about their houses, clothing and food made this unit interesting for us. In Math we are measuring shapes and figuring out the perimeter of them. We also enjoyed writing a story about firefighters and what they do after reading our leveled reader about wildfires.

We enjoyed reading AR books and taking quizzes on them for reading class this week.
We also wrote a narrative story in our journals. In Math class we added 3 or 4 two digit numbers and reviewed counting dollars, dimes, nickels and pennies.  We also took our Unit 2 Math test. Our Science unit on technology and the design process was completed this week. We look forward to learning about the cultures of Native American tribes and the impact immigrants coming to America had on them.


This week we had fun dressing in our costumes and parading around St. Mary’s
block. We also participated in a pumpkin investigation. We predicted our pumpkin’s measurements, amount of seeds and whether it would sink or float.  We were most surprised by the amount of seeds in our small pumkins. In each group, we counted between 350- over 400 seeds! In Math we are learning to count dollars, dimes and pennies and relate those money amounts to hundreds, tens and ones. We also learned about St. Bernadette, our classroom saint.


For reading class this week, the second graders are practicing identifying the main characters, the setting and the plot in several stories that we read. We also worked on long a spelled with ai or ay. In Math we continued our study of place value with hundreds, tens and ones, and we began to learn several strategies for adding two digit numbers. We are all very excited for our Fall school trip to see the state capital and the US Bank stadium.


This week we are reading nonfiction stories and we are learning to identify the
main idea and details to go with the main idea. We read a story called Family Farm-Then and Now. We are also reviewing consonant blends at the beginning of words. Some of them are sk, dr, sp, and sl. In Math this week we have been working on solving comparison word problems. We are also continuing to practice the basic addition facts.


The second graders learned to solve word problems in Math class thei week. They were taught to draw a picture before making an equation to solve the problem. In Reading class we are studying plot. Everyone practiced telling or writing the 3 parts of our stories, the beginning, middle and end. We enjoyed getting to work with our UMM student Maija on Tuesday and Thursday morning.
We also enjoyed reading our Scholastic newspaper on citizenship. We learned that some important qualities of a good citizen are being patient, respectful, honest and responsible.


The second graders have had a busy week getting used to our complete schedule. In reading this week we learned to identify the characters and the setting in a story. We also reviewed statements, questions and exclamations.
In Math we counted by 2’s to 50 and we learned that even numbers have equal pairs and that odd numbers have one leftover when making pairs. We found out that scientists use tools such as a hand lens, a ruler, a tape measure, a measuring cup or a scale when doing investigations in Science class. On Wednesday we welcomed Mary Montonye to our classroom. She will be listening to us read each week. For Religion we have been talking about God’s creations and how we use them. We realized that having plants and trees, animals, the Earth, our families and friends, and St. Mary’s School are some of our blessings from God.


2017-2018 school year

Our school year at St. Mary’s is off to a great start! We have a new Math curriculum this year, and the second graders have been reviewing making equations from math mountains. I have also been emphasizing the importance of having a growth mindset this week. We are learning that we need to stretch our brain so we can learn new things. Making mistakes can also help us learn. If we understand what we did wrong our brain gets stronger. Throughout the year we will be finding out more about growth mindsets.







Our school year has come to an end and we are ready to relax and enjoy what summer brings our way. The second graders had a fun day at the Amaze’n Farmyard this week. We participated in lots of fun activities including the petting barn, the maze and the parakeet house. Thank you to all the parents for driving and chaperoning our trip. This week in the classroom we enjoyed reading a story in the form of a play and learning to divide using repeated subtraction. Have a safe and fun summer!

In Science this week, the second graders have been learning about the solar system. We also learned that the earth rotates around the sun so we have day and night. We had our last visit for the year from Mary Montonye. We want to thank her for coming each week and listening to us read. We also enjoyed having the seniors visit and we congratulate them and wish them well with their future plans. It was a fun time watching and participating in the talent show on Thursday. Everyone did a great job!


This week the second graders have been learning about fractions. We also read a story about recycling and how it helps keep our Earth clean. On Thursday we went to Heritage Days in Montevideo. We learned about life long ago and attended a special class on fur trading, blacksmithing, the one room school house, folk dance, wheat weaving or the spinning wheel. We had a wonderful time learning from the costumed guides in each building. Thank you to our volunteer drivers for transporting us.

This week in Math we began learning how to multiply. We played a fun card

game with our classmates to practice learning how to multiply. In reading class we are learning to detect the

author’s purpose for writing. We practiced identifying passages where the purpose was to inform, entertain or

persuade us.  On Thursday, we went to Bonanza for a funfilled day learning about nature. We are looking forward to

our First Holy Communion on Sunday.


In Math this week we have been subtracting 3 digit numbers from 3 digit numbers. We have also been solving

function tables and determining the rule that they follow. In Science class we learned about the job of

environmental scientists. We learned that they find problems that affect wildlife and people in their

environments, and they figure out ways to solve those problems. Environmental scientists can work all over the

world in many different environments. This week we also wrote a book report about one of our favorite books.


This week we sent our class book off to the publishers to be published. We wrote an adventure story about a

second grade boy and girl. We can’t wait to get it back and see how it turned out! In Math this week we have

been adding 3 digit numbers and money amounts with dollars and cents. We enjoyed taking part in the Sedar

Meal with our families. Thank you to the organizers and cooks for a wonderful meal. Happy Easter!


In Science class we have been studying plant and animal adaptations. Some plant adaptations we discussed

include plants with thorns or bad taste to protect it from being eaten, and thick stems to store water for a long

period of time. Some animal adaptations we learned about include color or shape to hide, spines to avoid being

eaten, and bad smell so preditors avoid coming near it.  This week we also enjoyed leading the Stations of the

Cross by reenacting them for our school community.


The second graders finished their unit on econmics in Social Studies.  We learned that people have to make choices

if there are limited resources. They might choose to pay more money for a limited resource or shop somewhere else.

The second graders also learned about the benifits and costs of spending or saving their money. In Math class we

have been working with place value and counting to 999.


The second graders have been studying Economics in Social Studies. We learned that comsumers buy goods and

services, and the differences between them. We also learned that the United States trades goods and services

with other nations to get the things people need and want. In Math class we are using shapes to show motion

such as slides, flips and turns. We are also using patterns and finding simple area of shapes using square units.

We enjoyed attending the school presentation bu author Trish Keating on Thursday.


We learned to draw conclusions while we read this week. Our story, The Tiny Seed was used to practice this

comprehension skill as well as other stories and sentence combinations that we read. In Science class we are

studying plants and what they need to survive. We also learned about the parts of a plant and what each part’s

job is. A highlight of our week was going to a presentation called Northwoods Niche. We learned about the

important jobs a salamander, a bull snake, a porcupine and a red hawk play in the Northwoods deciduous forest.

Actually getting to see these live animals up close helped us better understand their roles. Thank you to Judy

Johnston from the Stevens County Soils and Water Conservation District for inviting us.

The second graders created a mobile about our government for their end of unit project in Social Studies this



Their mobiles showed information and pictures of American symbols, special American

people, the constitution, and the rights and responsibilities of American citizens. In reading class we have been

identifying reality and fantasy parts in the stories we have read. We thoroughly enjoyed reading “Mice and Beans”

and finding the real and make believe parts of the story. This week we enjoyed being the readers for Mass on



The second graders have been learning about being a citizen of the United States and how citizens in the past

helped to make our country a better place to live. We read about the contributions of George Washington, Sitting

Bull, Susan B. Anthony, Mary McLeod Bethune, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks and Cesar Chavez. We also

discussed the reasons we have rules and laws in our country. We realized that they help to keep order and to keep

us safe. In Reading class we learned about similes and how they compare using the words like or as. Don’t be

surprised if you hear a second grader say they are as hungry as a bear!


We have been working on being authors this week. We are creating a story that will be published into a book

late in April. The second graders decided to write an adventure story that takes the characters to different

locations where they have many fun and scary experiences. In Math this week we are learning to subtract

2 digit numbers. We have been using ten sticks and one to help us regroup and subtract. We have also

been fine tuning our analog clock skills. we are excited to find out who will be going home with our 3

auction projects this weekend.


This week in Grammar we are learning to use quotation marks. We are practicing finding where they might

be needed in sentences.Our emphasis in Math has switched from learning the addition basic facts to the subtraction

facts. We are using Xtra Math to help us become proficient with the subtraction facts. In Science we are studying

animal groups and what animals need to survive including shelter, food, water and adaptations. Meeting author

Jordan Romero and listening to him tell about his adventures climbing the highest mountains on each of the

continents by the age of 15 inspired us to all foolow our dreams.


Working together has been the theme of the stories we read this week.  We talked about what a great life lesson this

is. By working together we can acomplish great things just like the characters in our stories did. We were excited to

began learning to write a few of the cursive lowercase letters in Handwriting and to write a few simple words.

Celebrating Catholic Schools week has been so fun! We enjoyed dressing up for twisted Tuesday and pajama day to

name a few. We also had fun bowling, playing Bingo with the DAC and having a classroom Checkers tournament.


Our warmer weather has been wonderful! The students were able to get outside for recess this week and came

back in refreshed and ready to learn. The second graders learned to make the connecting strokes for cursive

writing in Handwriting class this week. We are now ready to focus on learning to write a new cursive letter each

day and begin writing words. We are excited to learn to write in cursive! In Math class we are reading and

comparing information on picture graphs. In Social Studies we are learning about Colonial America and about

immigrants coming to America. We have also been working hard completing our auction dinner projects. Thank

you to Monica Kleindl for helping us to create a plant stand, a raised garden bed and decorated clay flower pots.

Thanks to Ruby’s grandmother who is also working on completing a beautiful birthstone quilt with our names

embroidered on it. We can’t wait for the auction dinner to see who gets to take these home!


In Math class the second graders have been learning to tell time with an analog clock. In our study of clock time

we learned about the hour hand and minute hand and their values on the clock. We also practiced telling time to

the nearest minute and figuring out elapsed time to the nearest half hour. In Reading class we are learning about

cause and effect relationships and how they help us to understand what we are reading. We are excited to be

beginning to learn some of the cursive strokes we will be using when we learn to write the cursive letters. We can

also recognize most of the cursive uppercase and lowercase letters.


The second graders have been working hard and have adjusted well after time off for our Christmas break. We

read a story questioning whether music existed during the Stone Age. Even though there is no recorded music

from that time period, scientists discovered flutes in part of China that were 9,000 years old. They are evidence

that music did exist that far back in time. In Science we have been learning about engineers and what they do.

We have also learned about a design process that engineers may use when creating or improving on an item

people use to make their life better. We brainstormed ideas on how to help a girl that walked her 2 dogs with

leashes that keep getting tangled around her legs. The second graders came up with many good ways to change

the leashes to solve her problem.


We have had a fun week preparing for Christmas. From Christmas crafts to Christmas Music program practices

and reading Christmas stories, our week has been all about Christmas. We did a little Math and Handwritng too.

For Math we counted money amounts and in Handwriting we have made it through the entire alphabet and are

looking forward to cursive writing after break. Have a Merry Christmas as we celebrate our savior’s birth!


The second graders had lots of fun learning to skate for PE class. Many are talking about going to open skate hours

at the Lee Community Center to skate some more! For reading class this week we read and compared serveral

versions of the story The Three Bears. We enjoyed reading and finding the parts of the stories that were

different. In Math class we practiced adding two digit numbers using the All Totals Method and the Groups

Below Method. We have also been busy little elves creating craft projects and gifts for our parents.

The second graders completed their Native American group poster this week.


They enjoyed working with a partner to create a poster showing the daily life of Native

Americans from different regions of the United States, In Math class we worked with estimating

numbers to one hundred. We found it more difficult to count actual numbers than to estimate! We

also learned to classify numbers as odd or even. In reading this week we learned to summarize a story

by choosing a main idea from the beginning, middle and end of a story and then combining those ideas to

summarize it.


This week we read nonfiction stories about inventors. We learned that Alexander Graham Bell invented the

telephone, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, Henry Ford made cars using an assembly line, and that many

other less known people have invented things that we still use today. We also compared and contrasted the inventors

sharing ways they were alike and different. In Math we are working with place value to 200. We can break down

numbers into hundreds, tens and ones; and we can draw quick hundreds boxes, ten sticks and ones to represent

numbers to 200. For Advent, we made a paper Advent wreath and we drew an empty manger. Each day we share

our love with someone, we add a piece of straw. Hopefully our mangers will be filled with straw for baby Jesus by

Christmas time.


In Math class this week, the second graders finished their Geometry unit.  They learned to identify parallel lines,

parallelograms and quadrilaterals, and to sort these shapes into groups. The

second graders also went on a field trip to the Stevens County History Museum this week. They learned about

Native Americans that lived in Stevens County long ago and got to view many artifacts that are at the museum. We

also made a paper beaded bowl much like the birch bark bowls made by Native Americans in the past. The students

and families at St. Mary’s brought in food donations that were given to the Food Shelf to share with those in need of

food. Happy Thanksgiving!


The second graders began a Geometry Math Unit. We reviewed the properties of squares, retangles and triangles.

We also learned about parallel lines and parallelograms. In reading class we read a Mathematical folktale called One

Grain of Rice. We were surprised to find out that doubling one grain of rice for thirty days could amount to

536,870,912 grains of rice. In Social Studies we learned something about the homes, food, clothing and music of the

Native Americans of the Southeast Woodland, the Northeast Woodlands, and the Plains. We compared and

contrasted their cultures. We packed our donations for Operation Christmas Child so the can be shipped to needy

children around the world. What a meaningful way to share what we are so blessed to have!!


The second graders are coming to the end of a long unit on solving word problems. This week we focused on solving

2 step problems. They were a challenge for many of us! We also identified the main idea and details in stories we

read this week. We were all excited to begin a new Social Studies unit on Native Americans and to have a couple of

days off for conferences. Go tigers!


This week in Math we have been solving problems with too little or too much information. We had to decide if we

needed to add or remove omething from the problem to solve it.   We also solved problems with hidden information

such as using the words like pairs, triplets or dozen in place of numbers. In Reading we practiced using cause and

effect to help us understand our story. We also learned to spell long e words. We enjoyed our Halloween parade on

Monday and our last week of swimming lessons. Back to our regular PE schedule next week!


This week for Math class we have been learning to solve story problems. Our UMM practicumm teacher Mr. Steffers

taught some of our Math lessons. We had fun with his activities and especially liked the challenging problems he

had us solve. In Spelling class we are learning to spell words with ai and ay. We are also learning to spell island,

special and though. It was a busy week with swimming lessons. We have enjoyed going to our lesson each day.


We have had many wonderful educational experiences this week. On Monday we went the the Bonanza Educational

Center near Clinton where we spent the day outside learning about our environment. We hiked through the woods,

played a camoflauge game and a preditor/prey game to name a few our our activities. On Wednesday the Morris

Fire department visited us and shared many fire safety tips with us. Wednesday afternoon we went to SWELL

where Ranger Randee lead us in many fun activities related to Autumn. We enjoyed

learning about the changes taking place in the woods with the animals and the plants. Ranger Randee hid some

animal pelts and had us find them. The pelts were definitely camoflauged among the grasses and trees. We thank

our volunteer drivers for transporting us to our events this week.


We completed our first Math unit this week. We finished up the unit by working with adding three numbers, using

the less than and greater than symbols, and solving problems. In reading we continued working with finding the

main idea and identifying some details in the stories we read. Congratulations to Braelyn for winning third place in

the fire department contest. We had a fun day celebrating Grandparent’s Day on Friday!


The second graders are learning to identify the main idea and details in a story.

We read an expository text called Family Farm Then and Now. Afterward we practiced

identifying the main idea and details in that story and in other smaller stories. In Math,

we learned what an equation chain is and how to write fact family equations. It was fun

to see the Homecoming parade.


This week we read a story about an older man with a pet cat who liked to listen to opera music on his record

player. That led to a discussion about record players, so we listened to a 33rpm record on an old record player

we have at school. We followed that with a great discussion on how technology has changed over time. We tried

to imagine how we will listen to music 10, 20 or even thirty years from now. In Math we are learning to make a

ten when adding numbers. 9+7 is the same as 10+6. Learning this skill should help us to be able to add

numbers quicker than counting on our fingers.


We read our first Reading story this week called David’s New Friend. He was a little nervous about his first day

of school. He liked his new teacher and even made friends with the classroom lizard named Slim. We also

continued with learning about maps and globes in Social Studies. This we we learned about cardinal direction

and how a grid on a map can help us locate places quickly. We had fun bringing our stuffed animals for our

Noah’s Ark prayer service.


We have had a fun week connecting with our friends and welcoming Cole Pederson to our class.

Our first week found us reviewing lots of skills from basic word work, to reading AR books and taking

tests on them, to reviewing our basic Addition facts and working on story problems. In Religion we learned that

David wrote the Psalms and we read about caring for God’s creation and in Social Studies we began our first

unit on mapping. It was fun to participate in Family Fitness on Friday!