Grade 3 – Mrs. Hentges

It is nice to see warmer weather in the future and being able to get outside for recess again! In math we have been working on solving fraction problems, making change and telling the temperature. On Friday we took our unit 5 test. In reading we read a biography titled “Surviving the Hindenburg” which was about the experience of the youngest worker on the zeppelin. In science we are continuing to learn about changes to the Earth’s surface. In social studies currency in the topic we are currently studying and we find it very interesting and enjoy learning about all types of currency. We hope the weather stays decent so everyone is able to attend and enjoy the St. Mary’s Dinner Auction!!


6: Ash Wednesday

8: Stations of the Cross (6th)

9: Dinner Auction

10: Daylight Savings

15: Ski Day!!

17: St. Patrick’s Day

20: Early Release

22: End of Q3 & Stations (5th)

29: Stations of the Cross (4th)