Grade 3 – Mrs. Hentges

It seems crazy that the end of the school year is so close! In math we are learning about mean, median, mode and range. We also took our math NWEA and did very well!! In reading we finished up our author study and dedicated some time working in our vocabulary book and we even played a game called Blurt! that gave us a definition and we had to blurt out the correct word being described. In grammar we are learning about present-tense verbs. In science we are now learning about weather and water and started talking about the water cycle. In social studies we finished up our unit project and I am looking forward to seeing the rules and rights the students came up with next week. Wednesday night was our spring concert and what a wonderful program it was…the students have such beautiful voices.


10: Bonanza

15: Late Start and Spring Concert

22: Alumni Day

23: Graduation K -PreK (11am) and 6th (2pm) -Mass @ 6:30

24: Last day of School

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