Grade 4 – Mrs. Fischer

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Spelling -March 9-13, 2020

stumble, trouble, eagle, harden, brighten, thicken, wrinkle, soften, lighten, table, dampen, moisten, double, weaken, tighten, example, darken, tremble, fasten, blacken

Dinner Auction Projects



February Adopt-A-Soldier

January Adopt-A-Soldier

December Adopt-A-Soldier


November Adopt-A-Soldier

We sent our third care package this week. It is our hope that Emily will get the package in time for Thanksgiving.









Trying Space Food

I had a chance to visit the Kennedy Space Center while I was in Florida for vacation.  I brought the students back some space food to try.  They tried freeze dried strawberries and a freeze dried ice cream sandwich. I also brought them back some sea shells from the Atlantic Ocean.


Swimming 2019








Halloween Fun 2019

For Halloween, the students got to work in groups to complete some activities that would help them escape a haunted house.  They had great team work!  









October Adopt-A-Soldier

We sent our second care package for Halloween to our soldier, Emily.








5th Grade Science Dissolving Lab

5th graders tested the dissolving rate of table sate and coarse/rock salt. They also were testing if water temperature and/or the rate/speed of stirring made a difference in the dissolving rate.











4th Grade Science Plate Tectonics Lab

4th graders learned about plate tectonics by creating some continental plates out of clay. They then made the plates move farther away form each other and made them rub up against each other.









Homecoming 2019




5th Grade Science Chemical Reaction Lab




4th Grade Science Erosion Lab

Math – September 2019

Bucket Filling – Sep. 2019



Flag Dedicated to Our Class – April, 2019

This week our class was honored to received a flag that has been dedicated to our class for our support of our U.S. military through our Adopt-A-Soldier service project.  The students are very much enjoying this project and are so happy to be helping bring a little happiness to them while they are deployed.  We are very proud and honored to receive this flag!

These photos show students presenting after being poetry detectives, letting their classmates know what poetry books they found and how they knew it was poetry.


Beverly Cleary Author Study Unit

Students enjoyed our Beverly Cleary Author Study.  The students started the unit by doing a scavenger hunt, in which they had to follow some links and read to learn information about Beverly Cleary.  The students were then put in to four different groups.  Each group read a different book written by Beverly Cleary.  We had class discussions on similarities and differences in the books, themes in the books, settings and characters.




Wacky Day

Career Day

Spirit Day

Valentine’s Day

Pajama Day

Compliment Bags: For Valentine’s Day, we focused on spreading love and kindness not just outside our classroom, but also in our own class.  The students got to write a compliment to each one of their classmates on a white bag.  These bags were then the students’ bags that their Valentine treats got put in.  The students were very thoughtful and intentional in their compliments to their classmates.  They are learning quickly that how we treat one another matters and it is far better to build each other up that tear each other down.  Many commented on what a good feeling it was after we finished.  I am pretty proud of these kids!




Our fourth set of packages have made their way to our soldiers!  One of our soldiers received her care package in time for her birthday!

One of our soldiers receives her birthday care package – “How amazing it is to get a birthday box from the 4th grade class that has adopted me during my deployment!  Those kids sure do know how to put a smile on my face!”

Our third set of packages have made their way to your soldiers!  We have heard back from one of our soldiers and she writes:
“I can’t thank you and your class enough for the love that you continue to send me while I am deployed.  It warms my heart to read each and every little note they write.”  

Our second set of care packages have made their way to our soldiers!  They are very thankful that we have thought of them!

Our first set of care packages made it to our two soldiers before Christmas.  We heard from both of them and they are both extremely grateful for the packages!  We are preparing to send another set of care packages on Friday, January 11.  Here are some photos from one of our soldiers and a post card from the other!  The 4th graders are pretty proud of this project!



On Thursday, March 21, our class did another packing day for our adopt a soldier project.  One of our soldiers has a birthday next week, so the students each made a birthday card for her box.  Again, both boxes were filled with snacks and treats, lotions, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss (Thank You, Dental Depot for your donation of these oral care items), soap, etc.  The fourth graders are always very excited about our packing days!  We are very much enjoying this project, knowing that we are brightening some days for our deployed military members.



Our class started pounding the tin for our second dinner auction project.  The students are pounding the tin for a pie safe that is being created by my husband.  The students worked hard on Friday afternoon pounding the tin and got a nice start on it.  For some, this was their first time using a hammer.


ADOPT A SOLDER PACKING DAY # 3 – Happy Valentine’s Day

On Monday, February 11, 2019, the 4th graders packed our third set of care packages for our two soldiers.  We included homemade Valentine’s Day cards, Valentine treats, some toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, lotion, and lots of snacks for them to enjoy. 


4th Grade Dinner Auction Project # 1 Complete

The 4th graders finished one of their projects for the upcoming dinner auction.  Thanks to Ryan and Christina Pederson for their creativity in helping the 4th graders put this Nativity Set together.


5th Grade Science – Wrapping up our Forces and Motion Unit with Escape Boxes

The 5th grade science class has been busy learning about forces and motion.  They got to do a few labs/experiments to learn about mass and how its affects on force and acceleration.  They also learned about Newton’s Laws of Motion.  To wrap up our unit, they completed a unit review and used it to help them solve some clues to open the BREAKOUT EDU escape boxes.  They had wonderful teamwork and have proved to be well prepared for the test on forces and motion.


4th Grade Science – Breakout EDU Escape Boxes

This week in 4th grade science, the students were working on reviewing what they have learned about natural resources, taking care of the environment and about ecosystems.  As a review in preparation for their test on this unit, they used their unit reviews to help them solve clues.  Solving the clues helped give them the combinations to three different locks that opened two escape boxes.  Inside the boxes were some treats, but before they got to try the treats, they had to name at least 2 different natural resources used in making the treats.  They displayed some great team work in this activity!


ADOPT A SOLDIER PACKING DAY – Second Set of Care Packages – Happy New Year

On January 11, we packed our second set of care packages to our two soldiers.  The students made Happy New Year cards for each of them.  We had two nice and full boxes to send to our soldiers again.



Our class went on a field trip to the Bonanza Environmental Learning Center on Big Stone Lake.  We went on December 20, 2018.  We had a great time doing many activities including Dutch Oven Baking, Nature Hikes, learning about beavers and doing the Escape Boxes, in which we had to work together to solve clues so we could unlock them.



4th graders had to research a significant invention.  They needed to learn who the inventor was, where and when it was invented, what exactly the invention did/how it works and discuss the impact of the invention on themselves and on society.  They then had to come up with a way to present their research.  They all did a fabulous job and I am so proud of all of them!



My class has been awarded a $250 Action Team Grant from Thrivent Financial.  With this grant we have adopted 2 active military members who are currently deployed.  We will be sending them care packages throughout the remainder of the school year.  We packed our first boxes on Thursday, December 6 (St. Nicholas Day).  Our packages included hot cocoa mix, granola bars, trail mix, treats/candy (we even found out some of our soldiers’ favorite treats and included them), toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap, kleenex, band aids, extra holiday cards that they can use to send to family members, deodorant, body wash, shampoo and more.  The students each made cards for our soldiers and wrapped up some of the treats with wrapping paper for them to enjoy.  We wanted them to have some gifts to open for Christmas since they are not able to be with family and friends for the holidays.  I am so proud of these kids!  I saw great teamwork and such excitement to be able to give to others!


4th Grade Science Egg Drop

4th graders were learning about then engineering and design process.  They needed to sketch/plan and create a way to protect an egg from breaking when dropped from 3 meters.  Then they tested their prototypes.


5th Grade Science – Boat Design Project

Students had to work in groups to design a boat out of clay that would float and then see how many pennies it would hold before it sank.  They also had to take into consideration the placement of the pennies and if that made a difference in how well it did or didn’t float.




Math Partner Games to practice Multiplication


Skiing 2019


Homecoming 2018