Grade 5 – Ms. Brandt

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Academic Schedule 2018-2019

8:30Morning Meeting/ PrayerMorning Meeting/ PrayerMass @ 8:45Morning Meeting/ PrayerMorning Meeting/ Prayer
9:50-  Break
Morning Meeting/ PrayerSnack
10:00Break- Snack/ Go NoodleScienceMathBreak- Snack/ Go NoodleBreak- Snack/ Go Noodle
10:10Reading/ SpellingReading/ Vocab.Reading/ Spelling
11:00Physical Education 11:05-11:30 (Bus 11 and  11:40)
12:45EnglishRead Aloud(Band Lessons 12:40-1:05)ScienceRead Aloud
Social Studies
1:001:05-1:45- Band/ Ketchup & Pickle Time1:05-1:45 Band/ Ketchup & Pickle Time
1:30Social StudiesEnglishEnglish
2:00SpanishSocial StudiesMusicScienceMusic
2:30ReligionReligionVocab.ReligionFriday Fun
2:55Assignment Books, Jobs & Pack Up

Freckle Math and ELA Practice: Class Code: JDMUF7

10/16/19- Church/School Fall Clean Up!
10/15/19 All School Field Trip to Camp Ripley, Charles Lindbergh Museum and Hemker Zoo.
9/27/19- Homecoming 2019! Go Tigers!!

9/26/19- All of the 5th graders in Stevens and Pope County went to SWELL on Conservation Day. We went to stations to learn about Reptiles & Amphibians, Raptors, Soil, Wetlands, Waterfowl and Prairie Wildlife. We also got to go geocaching and play nature bingo. It was a little chilly, but we had a fun time exploring nature and learning about some awesome things!

9/19/20- Walking “Field Trip” to the Public Library to check out some good books!

9/17/19- This morning we had Paramedic and Stevens County Ambulance Services Operations Manager, Josh Fischer, come to our classroom to present to us information on Disaster Deployment. He told us about his team that got sent to help with Hurricane Dorian, we made and tried MREs (Meal, Ready to Eat), which was cheese tortellini, made from water and an exothermic chemical reaction, and did a team building exercise to stress the importance of effective disaster response (preparation, communication, anticipation, and organization). The students had a blast and learned a lot! Thanks Josh!  


9/17/19- Our first book box book!
My family and friends generously donated to our classroom so each month students can have their own book to keep and take home. Thank you to our sponsors, and yay for reading new books!
9/10/19- 5th Grade got the donut prize for turning in the most fundraising tickets! Keep up the great work!

September 3rd, 2019- Our First day of Fifth Grade!
I am looking forward to such a great year with these students! We will grow in our academics and faith, set goals, laugh, make memories and make every day a great day!