Spanish – Sr. Salguero

This semester I made some changes in the curriculum with respect to the last semester.

With children of pre kinder and kinder we are learning colors, numbers, animals, parts of body, names of people in Spanish. Also I show them some bilingual videos to grow accustomed to the pronunciation of Spanish. I would like to teach them some songs in Spanish. I think it is a good source to learn language. Also, I think is a good idea to do some activities like paint and repeat some words that sound similar and Spanish and English.
With the other children (1st-6th grade) the first weeks (September).  I thought it’s a good idea to tell them why is important to study Spanish. Where it is located Latin America and why they  speak Spanish there. So these first weeks we’ve been talking about a little history and geography. The globe was useful and internet too.  In order to show them some traditions, I prepared a short reading in English and Spanish and have watched videos.

Now, the children know that in Spanish exist the “Ñ”, la “LL.” This is important because some principal words were written with this letter. For example: Niño, (boys) Niña (girls) Llama (Lama), enseñar (to teach), España (Spain).

 The first week of October I taught about the “acentos”. (á, é, í, ó, ú) many words in Spanish have “tildes o acentos” for example México, Perú, Panamá. These acentos affect the pronunciation. The children know that now, even if they don’t remember the word “acento.”

The second week of October, in order to show them some cognates (words that are the same in Spanish and English), I prepared some little lecture and video.

The third week, I taught about the present tense in Spanish and English, This week I wanted to teach more about the present tense but unfortunately We have not enough time, because previously I showed them this video about this amazing little girl of 4 years old. She speaks 7 languages. Personally, when I lived in Europe (7 years) I met several very young people talking 2 or 3 languages. So, with this video, I wanted to encourage them to learn Spanish. I saw the children were really interested in this little girl, and we talked about this for many minutes.

For the children 3rd to 6th, the next weeks the plan is to begin the grammar. I would like to reinforce what children learned in the first half of 2015:  adjectives, nouns, and verbs “to be” (Ser y estar in Spanish) because this is very important part of grammar. It will take several weeks.