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Tuition & Fees

St. Mary’s School offers affordable tuition for all of our students in PreK to 6th Grade.

Tuition can be paid in full, monthly or on your own schedule that you work out with the school office.  We ask that all tuition be paid by the last day of school each year.

It is our belief that no child should be turned away due to an inability to pay their full tuition. Please do not let the tuition cost stop you from sending your children to our school. St. Mary’s offers scholarship money to any of its students; subsidized or nonsubsidized.

2024-25 Tuition Rates

Kindergarten-Grade 6


Per Month (9)

Registered at Catholic Church

Child 1



Child 2



All Other Children



Not Registered at Catholic Church

Child 1



All Other Children



We are proud to be the most affordable tuition for Pre-School students in Morris!



Per Month (9)

5 Days



3 Days



2 Days



**BEGIN Program Tuition Includes Breakfast and Lunch every day.

St. Mary’s School receives its funding through three main sources; parish subsidy, tuition, and fundraising.  The anticipated per pupil cost (total expenses divided by the estimated number of students for the 2024-2025 school year) is $7,000

Below is the breakdown for the main funding sources*:

$2,184 per child from parish (31%)

$2837  per child in average tuition (40%)

$315 per child in fundraising (4.5%)

$710 per child in dinner/auction fundraising (10.5%)

$954 needed per child in Ed. Fund, grants, contributions, additional fundraising (14%)

$7,000 per pupil cost

*numbers are based on the approved 2024-25 school budget

2024-2025 Tuition Rates for General Music

  • Any home school students who plan to take general music classes at St. Mary’s will be charged a flat fee of $300 for the school year.  Please complete the general registration form

2024-25 Enrollment & Projections




Pre-K9 Full
7 3-Day
5 2-Day

12 Full
5 3-Day
5 2-Day


Open Enrollment
Kindergarten 1312Open Enrollment
11113Open Enrollment
2 1111Open Enrollment
31111Open Enrollment
41011Open Enrollment
51210Open Enrollment
6911Open Enrollment


Credit cards are subject to a 3% convenience fee

Financial Assistance

We accept all students no matter their families ability to pay tuition.  We recommend talking with our principal, Mrs. Fischer, about options which may include…

  • Needs Based Scholarships: A short form is all that is needed to provide families with some available scholarship funding.
  • Outside Scholarships: Many scholarships are available from outside sources.  Mrs. Fischer can help you get that information.10578


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