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2018-19 Tuition Rates for K-6 Grade

Registered at Catholic Church

  • 1st child – $2275
  • 2nd child – $2050
  • 3rd child – $1550
  • 4th + child – $1137

Not Registered at Catholic Church

  • 1st child – $2925
  • All Others – $2475

Tuition can be paid in full, monthly or on your own schedule that you work out with the school office.  We ask that all tuition be paid by the last day of school each year.

St. Mary’s School receives its funding through three main sources; parish subsidy, tuition, and fundraising.  The anticipated per pupil cost (total expenses divided by the estimated number of students for the 2018-19 school year) is $6,100.

Below is the breakdown for the main funding sources*:

$2241  per child from parish (37%)

$2153  per child in average tuition (35%)

$   306 per child in fundraising (5%)

$   631 per child in dinner/auction fundraising (11%)

$   769 per child in Ed. Fund, grants, contributions (12%)

$6,100 per pupil cost

Policy Change for 2018-19: As of now families with a 4th or more child attending St. Mary’s receive free tuition.  Due to budgetary necessity this policy will change to half price tuition for 4th+ child in 2018-19.

2018-19 Tuition Rates for Pre-K

Full-Time Pre-K Students (full day; 5 days per week) will follow the normal tuition rates above.

Subsidized Students Nonsubsidized Students
5 Full Days
4 Full Days
3 Full Days
2 Full Days

2018-19 Tuition Rates for General Music

  • Any home school students who plan to take general music classes at St. Mary’s will be charged a flat fee of $90 for the school year.  Please complete the general registration form.

2018-19 Enrollment & Projections


Current Projected


Pre-K 15* 10 FULL
Kindergarten 16 16 Limited Enrollment
Register Soon
1  13 15 Open Enrollment
2  14 14 Open Enrollment
3  10  10 Open Enrollment
4  15  15 Limited Enrollment
5  15 15 Limited Enrollment
6  9  9 Open Enrollment
Total 107 104

*pre-k students have flexible schedules – click here to see current openings.


Credit cards are subject to a 3% convenience fee

Financial Assistance

We accept all students no matter their families ability to pay tuition.  We recommend talking with our principal, Mr. Ferriero about options which may include…

  • Needs Based Scholarships: A short form is all that is needed to provide families with some available scholarship funding.
  • Outside Scholarships: Many scholarships are available from outside sources.  Mr. Ferriero can help you get that information.