The after school enrichment classes offered by St. Mary’s School will provided a variety of classes for our students. Children who take after school programs over the course of their life time consistently improved test scores in school, have better then average social skills, and tend to participate in less mischievous activities. After School Enrichment programs have a proven benefit for your children, your family, and the community that we all live in.


Registration …………… $10 per family (no registration fee if your child is enrolled in the after-school program) [Your registration fee goes towards a few things – supplies, licensing rights, certifications, etc.]

Per Class Tuition …….. $50 for the full semester

What People Are Saying

Dear Mr. Ferriero,

Thank you so much for all the time and energy you put into the theater programs in Morris. They’re such fun to see (love the 30 min format and low-key costuming), the kids are wonderful, and I can’t imagine how much energy it takes to keep multiple ones going all year as you do.


Jennifer Deane, Associate Professor of History, University of Minnesota, Morris

Current Classes

All classes meet at St. Mary’s School on the days and times indicated.
Registration includes a $10 fee per family.
*Students registered in the St. Mary’s After-School program will have their  registration fee waived.



Theatre Production with Plays in Morris: A Christmas Line – Click here for information