Everything that a child encounters in his/her school day from the minute the student enters the school building until he/she leaves to go home is considered the curriculum. This includes classroom experiences, lunchroom, physical education, recess, prayer, as well as any other activity that occurs during the school day. Whatever a child encounters in school is part of the curriculum.

St. Mary’s School prides itself in its high academic standards. With an average class size of 12 students, teachers have the opportunity to work with each student. Each first through sixth grade classroom is fitted with a CLEAR TOUCH interactive TV and Preschool and Kindergarten each have a SMART Board, expanding the students’ instruction and creativity. To assist us in meeting our standards we utilize the following:


Religion: St. Mary’s utilizes the Alive In Christ religion series as part of their program. We incorporate religion throughout our school day but also have a block of time specifically set aside for instruction. We also attend and minster at a weekly Children’s Liturgy. For our students of a different faith they have the option to be included in the Catholic instruction or take part in an alternative religion class (still faith/Christain based).

Math: SMS uses Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Math Expressions for grades K-6.  We enjoy how this program assists us in meeting our outcomes through the use of hands on activities and through interactive lessons for our CLEAR TOUCH Interactive TVs and SMART Boards.

Language Arts: Our Language Arts block includes reading fluency and comprehension, English, phonics, spelling, and handwriting. To aid in our reading comprehension we also have the students taking part in the Accelerated Reading program. This allows students to read at their own level and to where they can be successful. As their reading improves their reading level increases. 

Hands On Science

Social Studies: St. Mary’s now uses Social Studies Alive.  Our 6th graders study Minnesota History with Northern Lights.  

Science: Our program for Sciences inclused the Savvas science curriculum with a combination of textbook instruction and a large amount of hands on activities.

Music: Our students take part in music classes two times per week. Themes are incorporated into the three performances that they perform each year. Grades 3-6 also take turns singing during our weekly Children’s Mass.


Spanish: The K-3 grade students at St. Mary’s receive Spanish instruction twice a week. Grades 4-6 attend Spanish class once a week. They learn how to speak the language and learn about a different culture.


Physical Education: We are fortunate to be able to work with the local public school in providing our students with 25 minute physical education classes five days a week.



Swimming Lessons: As a part of our program, St. Mary’s School includes swimming lessons into its instruction. Students in K-6th grade take part in two weeks of Red Cross Swimming Lessons.

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Diocese of St. Cloud Standards


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