School Strategic Plan


St. Mary’s School is an accredited school through the Minnesota Nonpublic School Accrediting Association. To be accredited we must show proficiency in the areas of curriculum and instruction, learner development, school climate and facilities, community relations, personnel and leadership and governance. During this process the school must also develop a School Strategic Plan and respond to the MNSAA Board each spring as to how we met our goals or give reasons why we didn’t meet our goal. The following are the goals that have been established for the 2013-14 school year. If you have any questions regarding these goals, please do not hesitate to contact the school principal.

Objective: The school will provide a curriculum that will enhance the academics of its students.

Strategy 1: Determine a curricular focus for the school

Action Step 1: Compile the data to see if there is a desire for the school to have a specific curricular focus.

Action Step 2: Share the results of the survey with the stakeholders.

Action Step 3: Form a committee to gather information pertaining to the new curricular area and how it will benefit our students.

Action Step 4: Research that area of focus

Strategy 2: Correlate standards with what is being taught.

Action Step 1: Implement the plan to correlate standards.

Action Step 2: Review the progress of the plan.

Strategy 3: To develop a plan that strengthens the students use of technology.

Action Step 1: If no one is hired, set in place a plan where the principal will instruct the class or each classroom teacher will be responsible for her own instruction by following the developed standards.

Objective: Develop a financial plan for the school that will ensure financial stability and the availability of Catholic Education in Morris.

Strategy 1: Create a fundraising plan that will optimize our fundraising efforts

Action Step 1: Review current fundraisers for their effectiveness.

Strategy 2: Establish a formal process for increasing our current amount in our

Endowment Fund

Action Step 1: Educate the community on the function of the Endowment Fund

Action Step 2: Communicate with the Endowment Board what the Advisory Board’s role is relating to the Endowment Fund.

Strategy 3: Explore the possibility of including grant writing to assist in financing the school’s needs.

Action Step 1: Pinpoint individual(s) who have experience in writing grants.

Action Step 4: Determine the form of structure that best fits our school: steps and lanes, percentages, or flat dollar amount.