School Strategic Plan


St. Mary’s School is an accredited school through the Minnesota Nonpublic School Accrediting Association. To be accredited we must show proficiency in the areas of curriculum and instruction, learner development, school climate and facilities, community relations, personnel and leadership and governance. During this process the school must also develop a School Strategic Plan and respond to the MNSAA Board each spring as to how we met our goals or give reasons why we didn’t meet our goal. The following are the goals that have been established for 2020-2027. If you have any questions regarding these goals, please do not hesitate to contact the school principal.

Objective: Implement a consistent core curriculum, instruction, and assessments in pre-school through 6th grade that provide equitable access and prepare students to become compassionate engaged individuals who are problem-solvers.

Strategy 1: Review and revise curriculum.

(Action Step 1) Review and revise the core curriculum areas (math, language arts, science and social studies) to ensure it is rigorous.

(Action Step 2) Revise the curriculum to ensure it is relevant and that staff are using instruction that will actively engage and ensure a depth of understanding.

(Action Step 3) Implement and/or improve formative, summative and school-wide assessments and use data from those assessments to drive student learning objectives.

(Action Step 4) Implement a cohesive and consistent framework for instruction in Pre-School through 6th grade.

Strategy 2:Increase students support services to provide equitable education for all students.

(Action Step 1) Expand learning opportunities for all students to support cognitive and emotional development.

(Action Step 2) Explore adding additional after-school programs to supplement classroom instruction.

(Action Step 3) Explore adding a summer program to supplement classroom instruction.

Strategy 3:  Provide and improve the integration of technology accessible to students and staff.

(Action Step 1) Review the current school technology plan and develop additional goals.

(Action Step 2) Identify, inventory, and evaluate all district technology including hardware and software

(Action Step 3) Ensure that students and staff are equipped with effective technology and the training to utilize in an efficient manner

(Action Step 4) Support, and train staff to utilize applications and resources to enhance the integration of technology into instruction and learning.

(Action Step 5) Integrate additional and new technology into instruction and curriculum to support learning and the use of technology.

Objective:Increase Pre-School Enrollment and grow the program

Strategy 1:Increase current program enrollment (4 year olds).

(Action Step 1) Meet with DHS to increase licensed enrollment in our current room from 10 to 20 students.

(Action Step 2) Increase enrollment in 4 year old classroom from 10 to 15. Hire a teacher’s assistant.

(Action Step 3) Increase enrollment in 4 year old classroom from 15 to 20.

Strategy 2:Open an additional classroom for 3 year olds.

(Action Step 1) Meet with DHS, Morris inspectors, Fire department, etc. about how to add an additional classroom to the school by converting space in our multi-purpose room.

(Action Step 2) Construct new classroom and furnishings to open new classroom for 3 year old students.

(Action Step 3) Open half-day 3 year old program (4 hours/day) to establish the program and evaluate our abilities.

(Action Step 4) Open full day 3 year old program with an enrollment of 10 students.

(Action Step 5) Meet with DHS to increase licensed enrollment in classroom from 10 to 15.

Strategy 3: Establish new leadership in Pre-School program.

(Action Step 1) Work with current lead teacher to meet expectations of a new program director.

(Action Step 2) Create a structure for staff in the early childhood program.

(Action Step 3) Create new position of ‘Begin Program’ director

(Action Step 4) Begin Program director takes over most responsibilities for early childhood programs

Objective: Develop a financial plan for the school that will ensure financial stability, availability of Catholic Education in Morris and allow for proper staff compensation.

Strategy 1: Create a fund-raising plan to bring in additional funding to the school.

(Action Step 1) Review all current fundraisers for effectiveness.

(Action Step 2) Strengthen all current fundraisers to help them become more effective.

(Action Step 3) Eliminate any fundraisers that are not meeting expectations.

(Action Step 4) Start new fundraisers that may bring in new revenue sources.

Strategy 2: Develop a grant committee to source additional grant funds

(Action Step 1) Identify individual(s) who have experience in writing grants.

(Action Step 2) Contact individuals from AS1 and begin to form a grant committee.

(Action Step 3) Grant committee begins to meet and researches and applies for new grants.

(Action Step 4) Evaluate previous grants and apply/research for new ones.

Strategy 3: Establish a formal process for increasing our current amount in our Endowment Fund

(Action Step 1) Educate stakeholders and community on the purpose of the Endowment Fund.

(Action Step 2) Plan for future fundraising to increase the Endowment Fund.

(Action Step 3) Fundraising for growth of the Endowment Fund


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