BEGIN Program Policy 19.0

Policy 19.0


A quiet rest time occurs daily from 12:35-1:35 in the preschool classroom.


Confinement limitation: A child who has completed a nap or rested quietly for 30 minutes must not be required to remain on a cot or in a crib or bed.


Placement of equipment: Naps and rest must be provided in a quiet area that is physically separated from children who are engaged in an activity that will disrupt a napping or resting child. Cots and beds must be placed so there are clear aisles and unimpeded access for both adults and children on at least one side of each piece of napping and resting equipment. Cots and beds must be placed directly on the floor and must not be stacked when in use.


Bedding: Separate bedding must be provided for each child in care. Bedding must be washed weekly and when soiled or wet. Blankets must be washed or dry cleaned weekly and when soiled or wet.

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