Student Policies




In compliance with the State of Minnesota, all children between the ages of 7-16 years for at least 170 days each year shall receive instruction.


MN Statute 120.101

Subd. 5


Kindergartners must be five by the first of September of the calendar year in which they intend to enroll.  First graders must be six by the first of September of the calendar year in which they intend to enroll or have attended kindergarten.


Guidelines for early admission shall be developed at the local level with regard to the local public school district(s) policies.


Revised:          April 2001

April 2004

October 2006






Assumption Parish strives to provide the children of our parish with quality education based upon gospel values and Catholic Christian teaching.  In order to foster this endeavor and meet the rising costs of education, the Board of Education of Assumption Parish adopted the following policy .

1.)        Each family with children enrolled at St. Mary’s School or Faith Formation Program will be required to pay tuition toward the cost of their child(rens) education.

2.)        Each year the Board will establish the tuition rates for the next school year of education prior to the registration period for that school year.  Rates will be based upon projected budget and enrollment

3.)        It is requested that tuition be paid prior to or shortly after classes begin for the year, because a high percentage of the programs total costs occur at the beginning of the program year.  Another option is to make payments of ten equal monthly installments beginning the month of September.  Other payment methods should be discussed with the head of their respective departments.

4.)        No family will be denied entrance to St. Mary’s School or the Faith Formation Program due to the lack of funds.  However, there may be additional requirements expected of these families that truly cannot meet the minimum monetary pledge.  It is mandatory that the parent(s)/guardian(s) meet and discuss the minimum monetary pledge with the Pastor of Assumption Parish, school principal or Faith Formation Director.

5.)        No students will be allowed to begin a school year if tuition from the previous year is still due and arrangements for completing that tuition have not been documented.  St. Mary’s School reserves the right to withhold report cards and other student records on all accounts that are not current on the tuition payments.

6.)        A two-person tuition committee made up of the Pastor of Assumption Parish and the school principal or Faith Formation Director will monitor adherence to this policy.

7.)                Any family with four or more children currently attending St. Mary’s School in grades K-6 and belonging to a Catholic Parish will be charged tuition for only the first three children, the fourth and beyond to be free.


8.)                Any family attending St. Mary’s School grades K-6, and not belonging to a Catholic Parish, will be charged a higher rate for the first child than the second child.  Each remaining child will pay the second child rate.

Revised:          February, 2004

Revised:          July, 2005

Revised:          August, 2005

Revised:          April, 2006

Revised:          March 22, 2007

Revised:          April, 2008

Revised:          Sept. 2009

Approved:       October 13, 2009



603  CLASS SIZE POLICY                                                                                                           


Class size shall be limited to 18 students in each class, grades k-6.  Exceptions can be made by the Board of Education to the size as well as to the hire of an aide for a larger class.



Revised:                      January, 1999

Revised:                      December, 2003

Approved:                   October 13, 2009


604  NON PARISHIONER POLICY                                                                                            


Non Parishioners, those not registered at Assumption Parish, are most welcome to attend St. Mary’s School.  After initial registration of parishioners and those with prior enrollment, non-parishioners may be registered in classes that do not exceed 18.



Revised:                      January, 1999

Revised:                      December, 2003

Approved:                   October 13, 2009




The principal of St. Mary’s School shall develop an annual calendar.  This calendar should be presented to the local Catholic Board of Education and/or pastor for its acceptance and approval.


The calendar should include the time (days) necessary to carry out the goals and objectives of the school’s religious, educational and extra-curricular programs.  In addition, the calendar shall conform to the statutes and regulations of the State of Minnesota and any other agencies affecting nonpublic schools and their programs.


Adopted                                  November, 1993

Approved:                               October,  2006

Approved:                               October 13, 2009


606  SCHOOL DAY                                                                                                            




8:15 a.m.

8:25 a.m.

10:15 a.m. recess starts at 10:00 a.m.

3:00 p.m.

3:05 p.m.


Approved:       January 2004

Revised:          October, 2006




St. Mary’s School follows the same schedule as the local public school with regard to changes in schedule due to weather related difficulties (i.e., if school starts late, is dismissed early or called off because of blizzards, etc.).  Listen to KMRS (1230 Radio). Please keep tuned to the radio if weather is inclement.



Adopted:         December 2003

October 2006






In the event of inclement weather during the scheduled Faith Formation year, the Faith Formation Director has the responsibility to cancel classes and/or other Faith Formation activities for the reasons of:


1.         The air temperature is expected to be -20 degrees F or below at the time of

classes or activities.


2.         The wind-chill factor is expected to be -50 degrees F or below at the time of

classes or activities.


3.         The local area is or is expected to be under any watches or warnings such as:

blizzard, wind-chill, severe thunderstorm or tornado.


The decision to cancel should be made as early as possible previous to the beginning of classes or activities, so that parents and/or students can avoid starting out in potentially dangerous conditions.  The final decision will be made by the Faith Formation Director in conjunction with the above guidelines.


Recommendation:       Leave as is.


Revised:          January 1995

Revised:          November 1998

Revised:          December 2003

October 2006




St. Mary’s School shall adhere to the regulations of the State of Minnesota concerning school attendance.  The school shall develop appropriate procedures to insure attendance.


Revised:          April 2001

April 2004

October 2006


610  ABSENCES AND EARLY DISMISSALS                                                                          


St. Mary’s School will develop and publish appropriate procedures concerning student attendance, notification of parents/guardians in the case of absent students, and weather related and/or early dismissal.


A written request from the custodial parent/legal guardian should be required for a student to leave school prior to dismissal times. The request should indicate the reason(s) for early dismissal as well as the identity of the person who will pick up the student from school.


Principals should never dismiss students to strangers or callers without using necessary precautions to obtain approval of the student’s parent(s)/guardians.


Students should never be sent on errands off the school property during school time without the consent of the custodial parent/legal guardian.





Procedures for absences and early dismissals will be published in the parent handbook.


April, 2004


611  CHRISTIAN DISCIPLINE                                                                                                   


  1. In guiding the child’s growth in Christian attitudes, values, and behavior, it is well to emphasize the positive rather than the negative.  The essence of Christian discipline is self-discipline.
  2. Order and discipline are an outgrowth of good teaching.  Teachers who respect themselves and the students and who maintain a positive classroom learning climate are likely to help students learn true discipline.
  3. From the beginning of the year, school and classroom regulations and procedures should be clear to the student.
  4. The consequences of violating regulations should always be logical and appropriate to the behavior.
  5. The child should be helped to see clearly the consequences of various behaviors and to realize that choosing certain behavior means accepting the responsibility for the consequences of these behaviors.
  6. The child must be directed to choose the morally correct form of behavior over other forms.


In keeping with the philosophy of Catholic education, the following actions for handling unacceptable behavior are not to be tolerated:


  1. Corporal punishment or physical abuse such as striking, pulling hair, pulling ears, etc.
  2. Personal indignities such as sarcasm, ridicule, and public humiliations.



Revised:          April 2001

April 2004





St. Mary’s School may admit new students at any time during the school year; however, prior to such admission, St. Mary’s School and the parent/guardian of the new student should reach an agreement regarding all tuition obligations and expectations concerning completion of that school year.



Revised:          April 2001

April 2004


613  ADMISSION DURING A STRIKE                                                                          


In the event of teacher strikes in the public school systems, St. Mary’s School will not admit students already registered in the public school.


Guideline #5A


  1. Policy 612on admitting students during a strike pertains to the situation which a student is already registered and in attendance in a public school and then seeks to transfer into the Catholic school because the public school teachers go out on strike, whether in the same district in which the Catholic school is located or in a neighboring school district.
  2. A Catholic school may admit new students at any time during the school year, even during a strike in the public district, if this is brought about by families moving into the Catholic school area and seeking to enroll their children in the Catholic system.  In these cases there should be a mutual agreement between the school and the parents regarding the tuition obligations.
  3. Because of curriculum differences, planning for adequate staff, and good public relations, transfers from public to Catholic school or Catholic to public schools should be made only at normal term breaks, e.g. the new school year or at the semester.



Revised:          April 2001

April 2004


614  LIFE ISSUES                                                                                                               


Each local Catholic School should include courses of instruction in their school’s curriculum that deal with life issues, i.e., family life, substance abuse, environmental education, personal safety, and non-violence.


These courses should:


  1. Respect the rights of the parents as the primary educators for their children
  2. Clearly and comprehensively teach the Catholic Church’s position on these issues.
  3. Respect the age, maturity and circumstances of life of the learner.
  4. Stress the dignity of the individual and God’s unconditional love for each person



Adopted November 1993




Teachers in the local Catholic Schools should use instructional strategies that:


  1. Respect the mission/philosophy of the school
  2. Meet the approval of the principal.
  3. Support the curriculum
  4. Motivate and stimulate learning
  5. Respect and enhance the needs and learning style of each student.
  6. Show that they use new creative ideas.


Adopted November 1993







Curricular Resources




St. Mary’s School is now able to offer Internet access for staff and students.  We are asking parents to sign and return the User Agreement and Parent Permission Form to the classroom teacher or advisor.


Access to the Internet will enable students to explore libraries, databases, and bulletin boards that will enhance their educational opportunities.  It is important that you are aware that content on the Internet is not censored.  Therefore, it is vital that we work with students to teach responsible use of this learning tool.


We believe that the benefits to students and staff from access to the Internet exceed any disadvantages.  Ultimately, parents/guardians of minors are responsible for setting and conveying the standards that their children should follow when using media and information sources.  To that end, St. Mary’s School will support and respect each family’s right to decide whether or not to apply for access for their child/ren.



Students are responsible for appropriate and acceptable behavior on school computers just as they are in a classroom or on school property.  Communications on the network are not necessarily secure.  General school rules for behavior and communication apply.


The Internet is provided for students to conduct research, communicate via electronic mail, and access databases and informational sources such as libraries and museums.  Access to network services is given to students who agree to act in a considerate and responsible manner.  Parental permission is required.  (That permission is effective until the student graduates, the policy changes, or the parent or St. Mary’s School denies the student access.)  Access is a privilege not a right.  Access requires responsible use of the Internet.


It is presumed that users will comply with St. Mary’s School standards, and that they will honor the agreements they have signed.  Students will be given supervised instruction on use of the Internet.  Misuse of the access privilege will result in loss of access to the Internet.


Staff will have the right to review files and communications to maintain system integrity and insure that users are using the system responsibly.  Users should not expect that files would be private.


During school, staff working with younger students will guide them toward appropriate materials.  Outside of school, families bear the same responsibility for such guidance as they exercise with information sources such as television, telephones, movies, radio and other potentially offensive materials.


The following actions will not be permitted:

Sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures,

Using obscene language,

Harassing, insulting, or attacking others,

Damaging computers,

Violating copyright laws,

Trespassing another person’s folders, work, or files

Intentionally wasting limited resources, or

Using the network for commercial purposes


Violations may result in loss of access as well as other disciplinary or legal action.



September, 2004




STUDENT ACCEPTABLE USE AGREEMENT                                                                     

To use St. Mary’s School’s access to the Internet, I agree to follow the following rules:


*I will not give anyone my name, address, telephone number, parent’s work address/telephone number or the name and location of my school without a supervisor’s permission.

*I will not give anyone the names, address, telephone numbers of friends.

*I will tell the supervisor right away if I come across any information, pictures, etc. that are against school rules/guidelines.

*I will not get together with anyone I have met while using the Internet unless I have my parents/supervisor’s permission.

*I will not send anyone my picture or anything else without my parent’s/supervisor’s permission.

*I will not threaten anyone or use improper language.

*If I get a message with threats or improper language, I will tell the supervisor and/or my parents right a way.

*I will follow school rules about how long I can be online, when I can be online and the areas I can visit.

*I will not download any programs or pictures without permission from a teacher.

*I will not use any form of computer communication (webmail, msn messenger, email, etc.) unless it is for a special assignment or unless overseen by a teacher.


By signing this list of guidelines, I agree to follow them.


Student Signature_______________________________     Grade__________


As the parent/legal guardian of the minor student signing above, I grant permission for my son/daughter to access the Internet.  I understand that individuals and families may be held liable for violations.  I understand that some materials on the Internet may be objectionable, but I accept responsibility for guidance on Internet use—setting and conveying standards for my daughter/son to follow when selecting, sharing or exploring information and media.


Name of Student ________________________________   Date____________


Parent/s Signature/s____________________________________________________________


Address________________________________________   Home Phone #________________



September 2004

May, 2006




617  DRESS                                                                                                                          

Primary responsibility for appropriate dress is with the parents.  As an aid to parents, the Principal shall set guidelines for appropriate school dress.


  1. The clothing of the students should be suited for school and be in accordance with modesty, propriety, and good taste.
  2. Tennis shoes must be worn in the gymnasium and during Physical Education classes.
  3. Winter attire, including boots, hats and mittens are to be worn during outdoor recess periods in the winter.  In the event of no snow on the laying surface, each classroom teacher may use personal discretion for the class.
  4. Students are allowed to wear shorts at St. Mary’s School.  Shorts and skirts cannot be worn if they are shorter than half way between the upper leg and the knee.  No bare midriff clothing.  St. Mary’s Staff may also use their discretion to discuss appropriate attire with any student if they feel it is necessary.
  5. Lost and found articles are to be marked for identification insofar as this is possible.  Lost and found articles are brought to the office.  Unclaimed articles are given away at the end of the school year.



Approved                    September 28, 1970

Revised                       November 10, 1992

Revised                       January, 1995

Revised                       December, 2003





Feb. 17, 1988

Amended:  January 21, 1992




The Board of Education recognizes that school activities take place on many evenings and weekends.  It is the policy of the Board of Education to support families and to cooperate with parents as they determine activities for their children.  To insure that some time is available when no school activit6ies will be held, the School Board designates Wednesday evening and Sunday as times when no contest or performances will be held.  No practices or activities of any nature can be held on Sunday.  On Wednesday, no Elementary or 7th and 8th grade practices will take place after the close of the regular school day.  In activities which have only one team or group for all students in High School, 7th and 8th graders will be allowed to practice on Wednesdays with the permission of the parents.  All practices and activities for grades 9-12 must end no later than 6:45 p.m.


Any request for exceptions to the above policy must be in writing to the building principal for the appropriate grade level one week prior to the event and will only be considered when other schools are involved in a competition which is suggested by the district or conference to be held on that day.  No exceptions to the policy for Sundays can occur unless specifically approved by the Board of Education.




Approved August 9, 2005

Approved August 15, 2006



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