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2019-2020 6th Grade Science Curriculum Walkthrough

Time Topic Text/Resource Standards
Q1 Energy

Electrical Circuits, Heat, Electricity, Magnetism

Text: Chap 11: All

Chap 12: Lesson 4, 5

Science standards in grade 4 & 5 not met with previous curriculum
Q2 Earth’s Resources

Geology of Earth, Rocks & Minerals, Air & Water, Natural Resources

Text: Chap 5 & 6: All 6E., 6E., 6E., 6E., 6E3.2.1.1, 6E., 6E., 6E.
Q3 Weather & Climate

Atmosphere, Precipitation, Cloud, Climate

Text: Chap 7: All 6E., 6E.
Q4 Astronomy

Earth-Sun-Moon, Solar System, Stars, Galaxies

Text: Chap 8: All 6E., 6E4.2.2.1