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Talent Show Form


Dear Parents,

We will be having a student talent show on May 16 at 1:00 PM. Parent permission is required in order for your child to participate in an act. The rules are attached below. We are asking that you read through the talent show rules with your child(ren). We look forward to this fun event!



Talent Show Rules:

-You may participate as a group of students or individually.

-Acts must be less than 4 minutes. You can only perform in ONE act!!

-Once act is signed up, it is final. NO last minute changes!

-You must come up with the acts on your own and return permission slip from your parent allowing you to participate (in groups, EACH participant needs a parent permission slip returned).

-You are responsible for practicing your talent, and providing materials necessary. This is done on your own time.

-Your act must be written on sign up and approved by the end of the day on Tuesday, May 14. Parent Permission forms are also due by this day.

-The talent show will be in the afternoon on Thursday, May 16 at 1:00 PM in the St. Mary’s gym.

Lockdown – April 16, 2019

Parents & Friends,

As a precaution today I placed St. Mary’s School in an Exterior Lock Down (I mislabeled my text).  There was a report from the Newman Center of a man entering their building looking to use the telephone.  The man explained that he had just been released from the courthouse.  I immediately put the school into a lock down and called the authorities.  They were aware of the man and advised me to stay in lock down until an officer lifted it from the school.  An officer did visit the school and lift the lock down.

In an exterior lock down no person will be allowed to leave the building for any reason (this includes recess, physical education, special education, speech, or parent pick ups, etc.)  and no person will be allowed into the building for any reason.  The main goal is to keep our students and staff safe from an issue outside of the building.  In this case students and staff can continue teaching/learning and moving throughout the building.

While I know that news of a lock down can be scary for parents I must advise that you refrain from calling the school.  Each staff member has a duty during a lock down and is unable to answer the phones.  This also can cause a jam on our phone lines.  The school has only two lines coming in for outside callers and at one point both were in use from calls coming into the school.  You can reply to our Remind text system and I will do my best to answer your texts as fast as I can.

I appreciate your support and am very thankful to our staff and Mrs. Giese and Mrs. Altamirano who were both volunteering in the building at the time and helped us to keep our students safe and secure.

God Bless,


Mr. Ferriero

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